I have been waiting at the bus station for over an hour only for the bus to arrive. Of course, it was crowded to the brim. That’s when I had the first thought about strangers publicly groping me. I contemplated getting on but eventually had to. This was because I knew it’d probably be another hour or more before the next bus would come, and it was getting late. I squeezed myself in and managed to hold on to a rail as the bus rode on.

I Hoped, And Now They Are Publicly Groping Me

After about 10 mins into the journey, I felt something move behind me. I thought it might be an ant and shrugged it off. A minute later, I felt it again. But this time, I was certain it was someone’s hand. I could not move fully to turn myself, so I remained still, hoping it’d stop. Just then, I felt the guy on my right closing in even further. I knew I was in for a long ride.

Good Things Cum To Lose Who Wait

Just then, both guys on my right and left started fondling my boobs. I know I hoped before I even got on the bus, but complete strangers actually publicly groping me was only a thought! It has been a while since I last had some action, and my nipples puckered tight like a virgin’s honey pot. If I wanted to refuse, my body already betrayed me and was enjoying every bit of it. There was nowhere to turn to, and I could barely do anything about the assault. Moreover, who am I to refuse when my body responded and opened up like a flower?

The guy standing behind me grabbed my ass and squeezed it. Then I felt his hand move up my skirt and found its way to pussy. He ran his finger over my camel toe and pressed on it hard. At this point, I was already leaning on the guy standing to my right. He welcomed it as it gave him access to bring my breast up close to his mouth. I was shocked when I saw him pull my right boob out of my loose blouse. I looked around to see people’s reactions. It felt like we were on a different planet as nobody paid us any attention at all. Not even those standing close by. I can’t believe I am getting this wet in public, on a crowded bus nonetheless!

I Don’t Even Know Them!

I continued to enjoy my moment as I felt the guy behind move my panties asides to give room to his finger exploration. He took it a step further and parted my pussy lip with his fingers to gain access to my clits. This is more than them publicly groping me now, they are making my pussy completely quiver!! I moaned loudly at this point as I was on the verge of collapse. My legs gave way, but the guy on the right stood firm as support.  

Soon the driver slammed the brake, and the bus jerked with the finger pushing deep into me as I let out a sharp cry. 

A few other passengers turned, but none paid any close attention. It was a bit weird, but I was enjoying every bit of the finger in my pussy. 

My Turn

Then the driver made a stop. Some passengers came off, which gave room for us to move to the back. If they were planning on publicly groping me until I was going to beg to cum, I was going to take it! We moved into a corner, and I bent over while the man behind quickly gave me fifteen hot strokes. Those strokes were the climax for me as I adjusted myself and came off at my stop leaving the other two guys looking like they just got their hopes dashed.  

Then I heard a loud horn and was jolted back to the reality that I was still waiting at the bus station. All that were the wandering thoughts of a horny girl. With the real bus pulling up, I can feel the cream in my panties while I climb aboard.

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