The pool was almost empty at this time, just a couple more people lying in the sun on the other side of it. I threw my sunglasses on the towel and took one more lap. My wet skin was glistening in the sun and I could feel my friend’s brother’s eyes on me. He is sitting in the corner, checking my body out as the knot in my stomach gets a little hotter. I always found him handsome and now was my chance to do something about it. I swim over to him asking if he could help me fix my bra. This is the perfect time for some hot public pool sex! The sparkle in his eyes became more intense and he licks his lips following me to the changing room.


We do not bother to close the door, the tension between already reaching the boiling point. He pulls my ass against him and I grind on his hard dick with a loud moan. He unties my bra and throws it on the ground before doing the same with my bottoms. I was naked in the changing room where anyone could walk at any moment, but that only made me feel naughtier.

With one of my hands grasping at the blue locker, I hook my leg around his waist. I watch him pull down his shorts faster than I thought he could have. Clearly, he wanted some rough public pool sex just as much as I do. He slaps my ass before gripping it and pulling my body against his, just taunting my pussy more and more. We grind against each other, my hand moving from his shoulder to his messy hair. The tip of his erection brushes over my slit and I take the base in my hand, aligning him with my body.


He slips inside my wet pussy so easily that it makes me believe we were made to have sex with each other. He takes my other leg and places it over his waist. I hold on to his strong biceps for support, lusting after him uncontrollably. I haven’t been fucked so well in a long time and I threw my head back with a groan when he hits my sweet, sweet spot over and over again. My back is against the blue lockers, water dripping on the marble floor. The nasty music our bodies create echoes in the empty room. I can feel his orgasm building up by the way his thrusts get faster, but my pussy doesn’t want to let go of his cock just yet. My walls tighten against his thickness and he curses under his breath. He has never fucked a pussy like this.


His cock brushes against the walls of my pussy, harsher than before. My orgasm is coming faster, and he places me on the ground. His dick is still inside me, and he wasn’t slowing pace. I came before him, eyes rolling back and my mind going numb. His thrusts slow down as he came inside my juicy cunt, filling me up and smirking at me. He holds my hips in place and fucks his cum back into my pussy, telling me not to drop one bit.

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