A Typical Sunday

Naughty cheating wife – It was a typical Sunday. I was just washing up and taking out the nice glasses because my husband’s friends Mac and Norma from the country club were coming to pay us a visit. I ran into them last weekend when I accidentally ended up taking my son lingerie shopping with mommy.  My husband Dan was out at the store, buying pastry and carnations. Then, I heard the doorbell ring. “Wow, they are early,” I thought. I tripped to the door in my little kitten heels and answered it. It was not Mac and Norma, but big Bill the neighbor.

An Unexpected Visitor

“Bill!” I exclaimed as I looked up at the man’s ruggedly handsome face and admittedly huge package nestled in his jeans. “You can’t be here right now! We’re expecting company, and Dan will be home any minute!” Bill didn’t say a word but grabbed me by the throat with his huge hand and pushed me inside. “Shut up, Sadie,” he growled. “Never forget that you are my bitch.” He knew exactly what I was — a naughty cheating wife. 

A Rough Awakening

He dragged me upstairs and tore off my little chemise nightie. Without ceremony, he plunged his aching cock into my ripe pussy. I threw my head back and moaned. He pumped and pumped, and I writhed like a little sand snake. I could tell Bill took extreme pleasure in having his way with this hot little naughty cheating wife.  Just then I heard the doorbell ring, a few timid knocks, and a sweet voice calling, “Sadie?” Fuck, they’re here! “It’s Mac and Norma!” I said, but I couldn’t stop the train that was sexy Bill’s magic pipe laying into me.

His Friends Arrive

The next thing I knew, I heard their footsteps on the stairs! Were they really coming up? They would get an eyeful of Bill’s manly cock and my throbbing little pussy–not to mention my gorgeous smooth titties bouncing up to my face with each one of Bill’s deep thrusts. All of a sudden, they were at the door! “Sadie, my goodness!” Norma exclaimed. I reddened but couldn’t stop fucking this absolute hunk of a man. He filled me up in ways that my husband never could. I guess I was just a naughty cheating wife. 

The Horny Spectators

Norma looked flustered, and almost subconsciously, her hand flew down to the center of her body. Mac grabbed her by the waist and just sputtered. “I – I – I…” I sighed and motioned to two chairs. “You can watch if you want,” I said. “Dan won’t be home for another 15 minutes. ”Their eyes filled up with the sight of their friend’s naughty cheating wife and this big ape of a man, the horny neighbor taking whatever he wanted. The couple sat down and Mac started rubbing his cock through his pants, while his other hand wandered over to Norma’s voluptuous breasts…

My Husband Catches Us

I heard my husband’s car in the driveway before anyone else did. By the time his heavy footsteps were thudding up the stairs, Mac had his naked Norma pinned to the floor, licking her neck and humping her leg.  When Dan walked in, he saw his lovely friends from the country club tangled up on the floor, and his trusty neighbor Bill balls deep in his own sweet naughty cheating wife. “Sadie!” he exclaimed.

Getting Into It

“What’s the problem?” I cockily remarked, noticing Dan’s eyes bulge at Bill’s large cock pounding deep into my sweet beautiful pussy. Dan couldn’t even speak. He just started touching himself through his thin trousers. “I’m sorry you had to find out this way,” I said. “The moment you stopped being able to satisfy me, I just knew I had to become a naughty cheating wife. ”Dan just groaned and stroked his stiffening cock…

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