Tricking My Husband

Big Foot Giantess — I was sitting at home bored with the pathetic short-dicked milquetoast who calls himself my husband. Can you really call it a marriage if the guy’s tiny dick can’t satisfy his wife? I had been having this recurring fantasy, more like a drive, to shrink this miserable twerp and cuck him as a big foot giantess.

I opened my lingerie drawer and grabbed the satchel of powder that the online ad had promised would shrink a person–permanently. Would it really work? And how quickly? It was time to try. 

“Honey,” I cooed sweetly, “Can I make you a drink?” He shakily replied, “Sure!” A slow smile spread across my luscious lips. My clueless husband would never suspect.

Shrinking the Twerp

I slid into the living room with two Jack-and-Cokes, my impressive form looming over this pathetic coward. “Drink,” I commanded, as I held out the spiked cocktail that contained the shrinking powder. His hand shook as he took it from me. “Yes, dear!”

He sipped his drink like a panicked hummingbird. I sipped mine with a deep rumble of laughter rising from my core and erupting out of my pretty red mouth. “What- what’s happening?” he stammered. My husband’s hands were the first thing to shrink. Gleefully, I watched his senseless head shrink next. He leaped off of the couch and let out a truly blood-curdling shriek as his body shrank and shriveled. “NOOOOOO!” he cried. Oh yes, my dearest love. I would finally be the big foot giantess who cucks this pathetic fool.

The Torture Begins

Like a wild animal, I tore through my husband’s clothes to find the final product of my genius trick. He was in there all right, about one inch tall and mad as a bee. I laughed maniacally and he covered his ears. The sound must be deafening! “IT’S PERMANENT,” I shouted, and the rumbling laughter spewed forth from my center. 

Just then, the doorbell rang. “Perfect timing,” I thought, as I slipped this sorry stunted Stanley between my giant toes. “NOOOO,” my husband cried as he punched my red painted toenails and tried to hit and kick. “HAHAHAHA,” I laughed even harder as his soft petal-like blows pummeled my giant foot. Here I was, a powerful big foot giantess, and he was nothing but a puny little patsy.

Greeting His Boss

The man at the door was tall, dark, handsome, and muscular to boot. He looked absolutely ready to take care of this naughty cheating wife. “Hey Sadie,” he said sexily in his masculine voice. What a contrast. Here was this absolutely ripped and virile man, and in between my giant feet was an itsy-bitsy weakling, not stronger than a woman’s toe. “Come on in, Ryker,” I purred.

“Where’s the hubby?” he asked. I just giggled. “You should know,” I said, “You are his boss, after all.” Ryker just smiled as I led him upstairs, not knowing or suspecting that I was now, to my own husband, a big foot giantess about to cuck him with his own boss.

Fucking His Boss

I led him up to the master bedroom, squishing my tiny husband between my toes, making sure to stomp extra hard and shake up his little world. My husband had always complained about his boss’ unnecessary cruelty to him, and now I was going to fuck him. Payback.

Ryker pushed down on the top of my head and I dropped to my knees. Without him knowing, I plucked my little one-inch husband from between my toes and placed him on Ryker’s raging hard cock. The inferior little man screamed and jumped and shouted with his tiny voice, but I just laughed and plunged the dick and my teensy husband into my dark, wet mouth…

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