Spoiling My Little Man

Lingerie shopping with mommy can be so much fun, and not just for the girls! I love spoiling my kids, so last Saturday I took my sixteen-year-old son Benjamin to the mall.

He loves looking at expensive sneakers, and I decided to buy him a new pair. He’s been so good, and I’m just proud of how my little man is growing up!

A Surprising Encounter

We strolled into the mall, and Ben’s eyes immediately fastened on a pair of shiny white Nikes. I watched in amusement as my son practically drooled over the overblown shoes.

“Sadie, hey!” I heard a voice behind me say. I spun around and was surprised to see a tall attractive man. “It’s Dan from Brown!” he exclaimed. My face turned beet red. Dan had been my roommate’s boyfriend in college who definitely known me when I was a cum hungry slut.

An Enticing Career

“Dan, it’s great to see you!” I said. “What’s new?” I asked. “I’m actually a designer,” he said, “of intimate apparel. Would you like to take a look? I just got Victoria’s Secret to carry my line!” 

“I’m actually here with my son,” I said. “Can you imagine that? Lingerie shopping with mommy?” We laughed, and he looked me up and down, his eyes lingering on my long legs and perky breasts, visible through my wraparound dress. “I bet you would look fantastic in my line, Sadie,” he said, “and your boy is a red-blooded man. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

Our Naughty Detour

I called my son over. He was growing into a man, I thought, at almost 6 feet tall, broad-shouldered with a strong jaw. Maybe he would enjoy lingerie shopping with mommy…

“We’re going to make a little detour,” I told him. “Dan has designed some interesting things over there,” I said, pointing with my long red fingernail. Ben’s jaw dropped open as he read the sign of the famous lingerie shop. 

I took my sweet boy’s hand and led him inside. lingerie shopping with mommy was going to be so much fun!

Victoria’s Secret

“Sadie, how do you feel about garters and stockings?” Dan asked. “I absolutely love them!” I answered. He filled my basket with a delectable selection. I turned toward Ben, who had stiffened with embarrassment. 

“Don’t be shy,” I said. “I want you to pick out something you really like.” My son looked scared, and I smiled at him with warmth and tenderness. “W-would you ever wear something like this, Mommy?” Ben asked, and he extended a crumpled upset. I smoothed it out and laughed. My darling boy had picked out a sheer black bra and a pair of crotchless thong panties! Maybe he really would enjoy lingerie shopping with mommy!

The Dressing Room

I led my sweet boy into the dressing room and tried on his chosen set first. His eyes never left me as I popped my tits out of the nude lycra boulder holder and into the sheer black bra. I wriggled out of my cotton panties and into the black crotchless panties Ben had picked. Admittedly, I was getting a little excited.

“So what do you think, baby boy? Is lingerie shopping with mommy fun?” I breathlessly whispered. Ben’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, and something else popped up, too. I eyed the bulge growing in his jeans. “It’s okay to take them off, honey,” I cooed. 

Getting Steamy

He ripped off his jeans and whimpered, “Mommy, I need you.” I sashayed over to my son and sat on his lap. “Is my little man having a good time lingerie shopping with mommy?” I asked and tousled his hair. His head tilted back in a groan of pleasure. 

All of a sudden I felt Ben’s big hands on my tits, squeezing them hard through the thin bra. My cunt started gushing like I was young again. I felt his cock throb and strain through his boxer briefs. 

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