Eventually, Every Naughty Cheating Wife Has Her Day!

How many of you have a naughty cheating wife?  We all have a favorite sex story!  There is something so raunchy about a wife who can’t get enough dick.  You fight with the immorality of the whole thing but your dick gets hard as a rock when you think about what your wife does when you’re not around.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband very much.  Without a doubt, I’m definitely a naughty cheating wife.  There are times when his cock alone doesn’t do it for me.  I go through these phases where I just have to have multiple cocks, as many as I can get.  In my mouth, ass, or pussy right now!   Please and thank you.

A while back, my husband Tony and I went to a supper club.  It’s a nice club that has drinks and dancing as well as dinner.  That night I dressed in a black dress, red bra and panties, black thigh high stockings, and heels.  My hair was in a relaxed bun.  On my neck, I wore a simple necklace and my favorite perfume.  The kitten was ready to come out that night.

We were seated in a secluded area of the restaurant overlooking a lovely view of the water. 

There were different rooms at this supper club.  Besides the dining area, there was a large dance hall.  Tony held my hand lovingly and played with my legs under the table.  I felt a warmth between my legs.  Tony’s hands definitely knew how to caress my thighs.

After dinner, I excused myself to find a bathroom.  These bathrooms are quite different.  The women’s facilities have couches to wait and rest.  Each restroom has a full-length door, toilet, sink, and another couch inside.  Kind of makes you want to just stay there.  On the way to the facility, I ran into two guys I had dated.  Yes, I fucked around on both of them.  They were and are still friendly.

All of us caught up for a bit.  Suddenly Jarred took my hand and kissed me.  Ryan came up behind me and started to fondle my tits.  They told me they knew all along that I loved cock and that I fucked around on them.  They didn’t care and thought it was hot.  Stopping them was not going to happen.  Ryan kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear.  He always knew I loved that.  Jarred opened the door and we stepped into the bathroom.

Ryan and Jarred were not taking no for an answer. 

Jarred asked if Tony knew I was a naughty cheating wife?  Blushing, I shook my head.  Clothes came off in a hurry.  After all, someone may come in.  Why now, why here?  I think these two wanted me to get caught.  Jarred shoved his cock down my throat while Ryan lifted my dress and ate my pussy till I screamed.  Sliding my panties to the side, he entered my tight pussy while Jarred fucked my mouth.

Just then Tony came in.  He stopped short and just stared.  The cat was out of the bag now!  I tried to stammer, but Tony just came in and watched.  His cock grew in his pants.  He finally took out his dick which was nowhere near the size of the two guys on top of me.  Tony isn’t the smallest, but Jarred and Ryan had him beat.  They laughed mocking and pointing at his tiny dick.  Tony stroked and rubbed his hard dick while he watched my two friends fucking me.

It was certainly not the first time I had fucked around on Tony, but I learned that Tony didn’t really didn’t care.  Actually, he rather enjoyed the fact I loved dick so much.  It was only the beginning of many sexy adventures to come.

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