Read My Sex Story!  Even the Closest of Kin Bring Out the Cat Claws!

We all have that sex story that brings out the animal within us all!  It may come out during an exciting adult chat!  I have an older sister.  I would definitely say we had and still do to this day have a love-hate relationship.  Sometimes she could be so sweet and other times very vindictive.

It started with little things.  Things would go missing at first hair accessories, make-up, my favorite perfume, then money.  I had had enough!  The day came when I finally confronted her about her thievery.  I walked into the bathroom which was open.  I saw her using some of my makeup which she had stolen.  The brazen act of defiance to not only take my belongings but also to use them so blatantly before me caused my emotions to boil.

I reached out with my hand to take away my makeup.  She screamed that it was hers.  An argument erupted.  The sound of screams echoed throughout the house.  She ran from the bathroom, and I followed in pursuit.  Again, I lunged to take away the makeup from her hand.  She slapped my cheek squarely with her hand.  I could feel the blood rush to the surface.  I screamed and rushed her.  My fist made contact with her middle.  My sister doubled over.  She ran at me knocking me down. Her body crushed down and sat on me.

Whew!  You thought college girls were calm by this time in their lives!

Part of me would love to say this all ended with a hug and a tender kiss.  There was no warmth in her gaze.  My fingernails scratched at her face.  Red speckles of life essence appeared in the scratch upon her skin.  Her hands grabbed my hair pulling out blond strands from the roots.  I screamed and reached for her eyes.  I swear if she didn’t let go of me I would claw her eyes.

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