There’s Dance with My Daddy Stories, Now We Have Mommy Son Dance!

Mommy son dance is so erotic when things happen on their own!  Now would you say that a mommy is also a naughty cheating wife or if she keeps it in the family all bets are off?  One mischievous son thought the latter choice was very appropriate.  You see, I have many friends who are mommies.  One friend had a son named Eli.  He was very close to his mommy.  My friend Sandra was definitely an eye-catcher.

Eli was not alone in his lust for his mommy.  Sandra always had the men looking at her.  She had the whole package small waist, nice medium C Cup titties, brown eyes, and long black hair that went almost to that gorgeous booty of hers!  No wonder her son Eli had the hots for her.  Could anyone have blamed Eli for making such a bold move?  Many shared Eli’s closeness to his mother.  They did a lot together as the father was in his own world these days with long work hours, business meetings, and travel.

One of the many things mommy and son liked doing was watching sports on TV together.  Sandra didn’t care for sports at first, but after spending so much time with her son, she learned how sports worked.  Eventually, she started to enjoy watching the games with her son on the couch.  They even cuddled on the couch together under a blanket.  Harmless right?

Eventually, mommy and Son started having friendly wagers on who would win.  Each winner got to name their prize.  Mom’s prizes were innocent: making dinner, doing dishes, and doing laundry.  If the son ever won some of his requests included making his favorite meal, going out for ice cream, or dancing together to some music.

Mommy started losing a lot!

I’m still not sure if she was losing on purpose or if the son rigged the game and filled her mind with who he thought she should pick.  Of course, Mom grew frustrated.  Eli not wanting to stop said they could have an all-or-nothing wager.  If Mom won she could pick anything she wanted.  The lawn needed some TLC so Sandra said if she won he had to mow the lawn.  His son’s prize would be to have Mommy dance with him in her most revealing outfit.

Well, Sandra gave it her best but guess who lost?  She took a deep breath and went to change.  Soon Sandra came out in her thigh-high stockings, panties, bra, black short skirt, and a red top that was very low cut.  You could see the black bra underneath.  Eli’s dick became instantly erect.  He wanted to take her to bed now, but he had to move carefully.

Son turned on some music and the two started their mommy son dance.

He drew Sandra close to his erect body.  Sandra could feel every muscle, hear his breath, feel his hard cock against her leg.  When was the last time Sandra had felt anything so good?

Eli’s hands traveled down Mommy’s back, to her waist, her hips, and ass.  Son dipped her in a sexy move that forced her to look into his eyes.  Sandra could see the lust in his eyes.  She had to stop this now.  Eli sensed her hesitation.  He begged for just a little more mommy son dance time.

The music rose in crescendo!  Just then his hands went under her skirt and traced the mound through her panties.  He smiled in triumph as his mother pushed against his hand.  Eli bent his head close to his mother’s pretty face and kissed her lips softly.  Sandra couldn’t fight any longer.  She wanted her son, had wanted him for a few years now.

Her strong son picked up his mommy and carried her to her room. 

Eli slowly undressed her kissing every spot that he had fantasized about.  When he touched her pussy mom stopped and told her son to take his time.  That night was a night of exploration as Mommy taught him all about her body what she liked and what felt good.  After he explored his mom’s beautiful body, she kissed Eli’s trembling body and saved his delicious cock for last.  When she finally took him into her mouth, he nearly jumped.  He held back, fighting hard to make this moment last.

Finally, he mounted his mommy in the ultimate mommy son dance.  Sandra spread her legs as her son penetrated that wet pussy.  She screamed in slight pain, as she discovered the pleasant surprise that her son was much bigger than her husband.  They rocked together in bed holding one another as he drove every inch of his hard cock inside her wet pussy.

One thing is for sure.  Things would never be the same for the whole family!  I’m excited to hear all of your taboo stories of family fun and your favorite encounters.  The best phone sex chat is waiting for you!


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