I have a new boyfriend, and as I’m sure you suspect, I’m a naughty cheating girlfriend!

I didn’t think I’d have so many cheating stories to share, but here we are; I’m a naughty cheating girlfriend, and I cheat a lot. So long as you all enjoy them, I’ll keep sharing them. 

Terrance is my new boyfriend. He’s tall, big-shouldered, with dark hair and stubble, and piercing gray eyes. So basically, everything a lady could want, right? 

But here’s the catch. I don’t feel hot when I’m with Terrance. I should. There should be passion, flames building in my gut, or my nerves tingling with where his hand touched my ear. But there’s not. For example, after a round of sex, I should be coming down from all the endorphins. Instead, seeing Terrance’s face makes my heart think, “nice.” 

I don’t want nice. Rather, I like nice. Nice is sweet. Nice is comfortable. But for me, I want to stare into my partner’s eyes and feel another flare of lust in my blood. In simple terms, the orgasms don’t end. Instead, the ideal for me is passion heating up my gut again, making me wet, horny, and on edge.

In the end, the problem for me is that Terrance is nice. And I need a little more. Of course, Terrance doesn’t want to share me. He wants to be the only man in my life and be everything I need. The thing is, though, he’s not everything I need. I’m one of many sexy cheating sluts, and we all have strong needs.

Thus, Terrance is not the only one I’m sleeping with. 


To paint a picture of what Mike is like, let me give you a few examples of what he likes. He always insists I wear “Warm Vanilla Sugar” type lotions. Each time we meet up, he wants me showered and trimmed. Plus, he requests I wear a ring on my ring finger. 

Mike doesn’t say much; he prefers to let me do the talking. So, I do. I tell him how lucky he is that a married woman (still not married, though) will risk her relationship to play with him. With my voice, I command him to crawl around on the ground. I lift my stockinged feet up in dim motel lighting for him to worship. Sometimes I take my feet and use them to press Mike’s face into the comforter. 

“Beg me, bitch”, I tell him. Mike begs. Always. He begs to be let inside my warm, tight cunt. He begs to be allowed to penetrate my trimmed pink sex, to put me on my back. And he begs to come inside it, emptying his release inside my own wetness.

But in spite of our talk, Mike never penetrates me. Sometimes we masturbate in front of each other. Sometimes we touch. But never, ever, does his cock go inside me. Yet, it’s enough for me. In those moments, heat claws at my gut while my skin shivers. My pussy drips. The orgasms are quick but intense, and I want more of them when I’m finished. 


Jake is the opposite of Mike. There are few words exchanged between us when I get to his place. He pins me to the door and kisses me deeply.  Truly, it feels like a fight throughout it all- the kissing, the tearing off of clothes, and the wrestling onto the bed. Usually, he pins me down during our fights, and he likes to have me on my stomach. 

Jake doesn’t say much, but his rough hands do the talking for him. He pulls up my stomach when he wants my hips up. Conversely, he pushes my head down into the pillows, calling me a naughty cheating girlfriend, a slut, a whore, and then presses his cock inside my pussy. He doesn’t lick my clit or worship my labia, and he doesn’t need to. I’m wet already from the foreplay.

He slides inside and pounds me as rough as he can. Sometimes his neighbors bang on the walls to get us to be quiet. When they do, he snarls at me to shut up, but I can’t help it. I usually have to bite down on a pillow to keep from screaming. 

I never stay the night, but damn me if I don’t keep coming back. 


Still doesn’t know I’m seeing these guys. I hope never finds out I’m a naughty cheating girlfriend!

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