She knew just how to react seeing her brother sniffing dirty panties.

He gave her a look of embarrassment. His little sister just walked in on him sniffing dirty panties with his cock out! She wasn’t surprised to walk in on something like this, she always knew her brother was a pervert. That’s why she liked him so much! He watched with wide eyes as she got onto the bed with him. Then, she started kissing his lips and tasting his tongue. Her lips traced his body as she stroked his meaty cock.

He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. His mind was paralyzed thinking about his little sister about to go down on him. She’s made her way down to his cock and started lightly licking on it while making perfect seductive eye contact with him. He kept having to remind himself not to cum too fast, he wanted this to last as long as he could make it. Finally, she put his entire cock inside her throat all in one motion. She choked and gagged on his dick while sucking on it hard and fast.

His cock started to throb and she slid his cock out of her throat and started undressing. Then, once she was completely naked, she held her red thong in front of his face.

“This is what happens to boys who like sniffing dirty panties.” She whispered to him.

Suddenly, she shoves the panties into his mouth and commands him to get on his hands and knees. He did as he was told and she slowly began to shove her big toe into his ass. When it pops in, he lets out a loud moan and she starts to toe fuck his asshole. His moans fill up the air as his cock gets harder than ever. He tries to stroke himself but she spanks his white ass and tells him no. Finally, his cock starts dripping with precum and she tells him to lay on his back again.

She crawls on top of him and starts rubbing the slit of her pussy on his cock, she turns around so her ass is facing him and she slides the tip in. As she’s riding his cock, she begins to finger fuck his tight dirty asshole. His legs start shaking and his cock starts twitching. She gets off of him and starts sucking on his cock again.

She slid the whole thing in her throat and pressed her lips together while pumping it in and out of her throat. Her tongue was caressing his cock on the inside of her mouth. Each hand had its own job too, one massaging and squeezing his balls and the other finger fucking his tight asshole. Finally, his cock starts pulsing again and she does everything a little faster. In result, his cock covered her face in cum and she licked it all up! Looks like they have quite a dirty little secret!

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