Everybody Loves A Dirty Little Secret!

On an early Saturday morning like this, mommy goes to work and daddy sleeps in. The perfect time to touch myself the way I’ve accidentally seen mommy when daddy is away for work. Laying in bed, wearing my white little nightgown and my favorite pink panties, I slide my hand down my panties and start rubbing on the spot that makes my body tingle. It’s my own dirty little secret.

Every time I touch myself like this, my panties get super wet and I usually have to change them. I’m not sure why this happens but it feels so good, no wonder why mommy touches herself like this so often. Sometimes, when she thinks I’m sleeping, I can hear her moaning with pleasure. It makes me want to get my panties wet too.

I can already feel my fingers getting wet and I just keep rubbing and rubbing and then I start moaning. I can’t help it.

“Brooke! What are you doing touching yourself like that? I can hear your moans from downstairs!” My daddy exclaims as he barges into my room. My dirty little secret is revealed… Daddy was supposed to be sleeping!

“But daddy, it just feels so good! I’ve seen mommy do it, if she can do it, then why can’t I? Look, daddy, it feels so good that it gets my panties wet!”  I gesture to him to come to take a look.

His eyes widen and I can see hunger in him waiting to emerge.

“Oh wow, honey… you are soaking wet. I could show you some other things you could do down there that will also feel good… you just can’t tell your mommy or anyone else okay? It would be our dirty little secret.” He licks his lips.

“Show me, daddy, I promise I won’t tell, I’ll be a good girl.” He smiles and gets onto the bed with me and takes off my soaking wet panties. He gets his head between my thighs and starts licking the spot that makes me tingle. My little moans fill the rest of the empty house. Once I’m super wet my daddy takes off his pants and shows me his cock. He tells me to not be afraid of it and that everything will be okay. I’ve heard of sex but I’ve never actually done it. He shoves himself inside my tight wet young pussy until there’s a sudden pop inside of me. He starts thrusting in and out of me nice and slow. I’m glad my daddy was my first! I love mine and daddy’s dirty little secret, I’m hoping it’s not the last!