Christmas Eve and Closing Up For The Night, Excited For Some Naughty Holiday Fun!

After a long busy day, I started closing down my office, starting at my printer and pressing the little green button until it turned red. I gather some papers and files and stick them in my purse. I’m going to have so much much paperwork after Christmas but I have a goal for the holiday. Tonight’s plan is going to my favorite bar and having some naughty holiday fun with the hot bartender. I’ve been thinking about him for a while now. Gathering some more of my things and shutting down my computer, I leave my office and lock the door on the way out. Everyone else is also on their way to spill out the door and into their vehicles.

Unfortunately, my boss called for me before I could make it out the door. He’s upset, I know it. I must’ve done something wrong. Letting everyone pass me and leave, I walked to his office and set my purse on the couch and planted myself right beside it.

“You called for me, Boss?” I smile at him. He laughs a little and sits next me setting his hand on my thigh. Then suddenly it came to me, I could have some naughty holiday fun with my boss! I always catch him drooling over me. A tough guy like him must think I never noticed.

” Yes, I did. I noticed you didn’t finish all of your paperwork today and you’re taking it all home with you. You’re not allowed to do that Brooke.”

His tone sounded angry but his eyes looked hungry for me.

” You’re right. In fact, I think I should be punished… Right?” I watch him grin as excitement filled him. “Our dirty little secret,” I whisper. Immediately,  He picks me up and he slides everything off his desk. He slams me onto the desk and starts ripping off my blouse and pulling off my tight black skirt. As he’s sliding my panties off my legs, he starts kissing my stomach and down between my thighs.

Finally, I see him unbuttoning his pants and pulling his cock out. I’m finally having some naughty holiday fun! He flips me over and starts fucking my wet pussy from behind, nice and hard. Loudly moaning for him, he pulls my hair and puts his hand around my throat.

After so long, we are tired and messy. I came so hard for him. Naughty holiday fun, that’s the right way to do it. Once I’m dressed and in my car, I decided to keep my naughty streak up. I’m definitely fucking my hot bartender, I need some more naughty holiday fun!

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