Missed part one? Check it out here! Part two continues:

I pulled it out of his pants, balls and all.  Looked up and congratulated him on being a natural blond.   I bet this dick was about ten inches and extremely thick. To my surprise, if I bent over, my redheaded snatch hole and his dick became perfectly aligned.

I looked right at him, told him I was going to pop his red headed cherry.  His perverted ass was going to raped by a ginger.  I back my pussy so deep on that cock.  I pulled my pussy off and on his dick.  Riding it, making him pulsate, and making him moan with disgust.  Disgust because the tighter my pussy got the closer he was about to cum.

He moaned loud, he came hard.  He didn’t let me finish.  I cut him down off the rope dropping him to floor.   I jumped on his face smearing his own cum all over him.  I demanded he lick me until I creamed out all of his nasty jizz.  He was a good little bitch and listened.   One last thing before I let him go.  I made him turn his head and smile at Caden holding the camera.  One more peep about me being fake……Everyone who has access to the net was going to have a copy of him munching on my ginger snatch.

Do you think the punishment fit the crime? I would say so…Let me grind my cum filled pussy on your face until I blow. Be a good boy and get your tongue out for snack time! Call me.




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