Most annoying sound in the world?  A preppy perv with the immaturity of a twelve year old.   All I heard for a week from this dude was how I am not a natural red head.  How I dye my hair.  That I am a fake.  Well, I had just about had enough.  I called Caden over one day.  I knew he had the hots for her.  We set up a plan to get him cornered in the locker room.

Caden told him that if he wanted to know what his cock felt like inside her mouth to meet her in the girls locker room at four thirty after everyone was done with their showers.  I waited in the back corner stall for him.   Caden waited for him by the door.   When she saw him coming she told me to hide.

She told the annoying perv to come back to the dark corner. This way if anyone came in, they couldn’t see me right away.  He followed her like a little lost puppy with drool literally hanging out of his mouth.  When she told him to close his eyes that is when I told her to leave and I took over. 

I whispered for him not to say a word.  To let me have complete control.  With his cooperation I blind folded him.  I took some thick rope I stole from the gym closet and tied his hands up tight around the shower head.  Then I tied the other rope around his legs so he could not move.   Finally I took my panties off and shoved them in his mouth as a gag.

I removed the blind fold and to my surprise he still had eyes closed.  I backed away and told him to open his eyes.  He could not move and could not speak.   That little bastard was all mine.  The look on his face was priceless.  Here he thought he was going to get a taste of Caden’s sweet candy.  Instead he was about to be violated by me!  I laughed at him tied up there.  I rubbed it in his face that I was going to prove it once and for all that I was a natural, fiery, feisty fucking red head.

I started rubbing my fingers in between my bald lips, gently pulling on the bright red landing strip, proving once and for all I was a natural red head.   I wanted him to see it up close and personal, I wanted him to feel it.  I wanted to teach him a lesson he would never forget…  Part 2 will cum when I say so 🙂

Alyson (102)



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