Shots fired!

Nasty food fight–It all started when Caleb threw the first tomato and shouted “FOOD FIGHT!!!” Well, we, the congregants, didn’t need any more spurring on than that–everyone geared up with edible ammo. With a bread roll in my left hand and a cup of fruit salad in my right, I was ready!

I flung my cup toward Jacob who caught a pineapple chunk in the face. “Sadie! I’m gonna get you for this!” he shouted. He grabbed me by the belt loop of my jean short shorts, pulled me close to him, hooked the top of my white crop top, and emptied the contents of his tapioca pudding down the front of my shirt!

The Pudding Lick

When Brandon saw that, he grabbed Jacob by the collar and poured his coke down Jacob’s shirt. “Ow, ow! Ice on my nipples! Jacob complained. “Well, that’s what you get for wasting a tapioca pudding! Watch and learn!” Brandon exclaimed. He grabbed me by the shorts and slowly unzipped them while looking into my eyes. 

He laid me down on the cafeteria table, deftly took off my shorts, and poured the tapioca pudding inside my panties! The next thing I know, Brandon’s teeth grabbed the waistband of my panties and pulled them all the way down. I felt his tongue spreading out the pudding before licking it off my pussy. My ass started bouncing on the cafeteria table as my moans got louder. What a nasty food fight!

Everyone Get Naked!

“Look over there!” someone shouted. Marcus was licking whipped cream off of Anna’s nipples. This really was a nasty food fight! Brandon ate my pussy so good, it reminded me of when I joined the mile high club. Two guys tackled me and started pouring chocolate syrup all over me, drizzling my perfect body with the sweet confection.

This made me moan and squirm; they had stripped off all my clothes. Two more guys joined in and they all started licking me, their tongues getting chocolatey and foreheads dewy with lust. Someone was holding my feet and licking whipped cream from my toe cleavage. 

Coach Butts In!

The nasty food fight was about to meet its biggest enemy: Coach Hardcox. He was a hardass, always on us about something, making us run laps, do jumping jacks, especially the girls. We heard the loud signature whistle and angry voice: STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! Andrea sidled up to him and said, “But coach, I haven’t even tried the mystery meat!”

She dropped down to her knees, unzipped the coach’s pants, and his hard erection sprang out. Just to keep the spirit of the nasty food fight, she drizzled his mystery meat with cafeteria gravy and got to licking. The coach’s hand was instantly on the back of her head, his eyes rolled back in ecstasy. It was going to be a day we would never forget!

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