A Burlesque Show!

Chicks with dicks–The lights went down and the curtain went up. I looked at my husband, clasped his hand tightly, and drew a sharp little breath–was I ready for a chicks with dicks burlesque spectacular? Marnie and Earl had invited us to the opening of their new bar/club/restaurant and were celebrating with a select group of friends. Champagne in hand, I had heard whispers.

“Is it really going to be a chicks with dicks burlesque show?” a pineapple blonde was breathlessly asking her date. The tall, dark, and handsome man just shrugged and stared off into the distance. I looked into my husband Jake’s eyes. The corners of his mouth were twitching. Was he nervous because he had never seen one in real life? Or was it something else?

Warming Up the Crowd

I wondered as I heard the beat drop and watched the first performer take the stage. She was luscious in red feathers, fishnets, a shimmering dress, and high heels. Her name was Savage, and she worked the catwalk. Long legs pumping to the beat, she shimmied those titties and the crowd took a gasp.

This was definitely the first burlesque show for many of us, let alone a chicks with dicks show! As the next performer took the stage, you could practically see the excitement ripple through the crowd. This one’s name was Deluxe, and she was a vision all in yellow. She worked those smooth brown arms and legs, almost beckoning us up to the stage…

The Enchantress

The third performer came out, a large tall woman named Vivacity. “Call me Viva!” she barked, as the DJ spun a special tune for our headliner. She was decked head to toe in emerald green, and the effect that she had was equally intoxicating. Viva did a magic show with plenty of dancing and stripping and sawing a woman in half!

All of a sudden, she stopped, dressed only in her velvet emerald teddy and fishnets, staring dead at my husband Jake. “You! I want you!” she cried, her red lips parted and panting. He looked around stunned and did a cartoonish chest point and mouthed the word, “Me?!”

My Husband Gets His First Taste

She started down the steps, and Jake looked stricken. I gazed at my husband tenderly, remembering when we had first met in college at a nasty food fight in the cafeteria. Now he was going up on stage in front of dozens of his closest friends at his friend’s celebration to perform in a chicks with dicks burlesque show!

Viva lightly took his hand and led him up to the stage under the blinding lights. My husband was visibly trembling as she ordered him onto all fours and grabbed a giant cowboy hat and a whip. “Ride ‘em cowboy!” the DJ exclaimed as he silently threw on “Rawhide.” “Yeehaw!” yelled Viva as she mounted my husband, whipped out her dick, and gave us all the grand finale–and him, the ride of his life!

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