Magic Shoe Store

Magic Incest Shoes– “Look at these ones, brother!” I breathlessly exclaimed, pointing at a pair that looked straight out of Oz and Dorothy’s feet. “They’re like the ruby slippers!” I said, as my brother barely gave a glance back over his shoulder, playing with his phone. I grabbed his arm, “Will you look?”

“Oh, they’re nice I guess,” he murmured. “Nice! I’m trying them on, and you’re coming with me,” I said as I pulled him inside. Our eyes adjusted to the dim light and the cloud of dust inside. We both coughed. “Well, hello!” said a small voice. We looked down and saw a grizzled old shopkeeper giving us a toothless grin.

Trying It On

“Come on, Sis, let’s get out of here,” my brother whispered, obviously spooked, but I was determined. “No! Not until I try on those shoes!” I cried. The shopkeeper looked at my feet, chuckled, and rubbed her hands together. She pulled back her cloak, and I could see a wicked green glint in her bottomless black eyes.

“Right this way, Miss! The lady has good taste,” she said to my brother. He just groaned and rolled his eyes. “Please,” she said, “Sit.” I sat down and surrendered my naked foot to this mysterious creature. She slipped one magical red shoe on me and then the other. The shopkeeper whispered something that sounded like “magic incest shoes.” I looked at my brother and couldn’t believe what was happening. He had become the most scrumptious, delectable morsel I had ever seen.

Brother’s Irresistible

“Brother!” I said, fanning myself and loosening the top two buttons of my gossamer blue blouse. “I hadn’t noticed those muscles before. You’re looking… good.” “Yeah, right,” he said, “Stop acting weird, Sis.” “No, really,” I said, rising to my new height in the ruby slippers. I grabbed his biceps and suddenly the uncontrollable urge to jump his bones washed over me.

My brother and I always had little fun adventures together, like the time we caught a chicks with dicks burlesque show at a little hole in the wall downtown. He was my partner in crime. “Of course,” I said, mesmerized, “Why haven’t I seen it before?” I reached up on my tippy toes to plant a big wet kiss on my brother’s mouth. 

Sister Becomes Lover

“Mmm, tasty!” I cried, “I want more!” He pushed my face away, really shaken this time. “Sis, what are you doing?!” he protested. “I need you,” I panted, pressing my hot body up against his. It felt so good. “What are you talking about? That’s disgusting!” he shouted. The shopkeeper gave an admonishing hand gesture and tongue click and approached my brother: “Magic incest shoes,” she whispered, blowing a cloud of fine dust into my brother’s face.

“Oh, Sadie,” he moaned. “Your body feels so good on mine. This feels so right!” “Yessss, brother,” I cooed. “I need you inside me.” He grabbed me and kissed me deeply. We quickly stripped each other’s clothes off and felt every inch of each other’s bodies. He thrust his hard cock inside my sopping wet pussy. All we heard was a menacing laugh… The magic incest shoes had worked their charm!

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