Squats in the Garage

Powerful leg squeeze–We never skip leg day in this household! I was in the garage doing squats when that sexy firefighter with the rippling muscles approached me. “Hey Connor,” I said. “Admiring my squats? I could teach you a thing or two.” That tall, buff, powerful man just laughed his guttural laugh and looked down at me tenderly.

“Sadie, I could bench press two of you,” he challenged. “Maybe so,” I countered, “But that has nothing to do with my powerful leg squeeze! Don’t you want to try? Let’s see how you stack up against the legs of a lady!” I said. “Done!” said Connor, “Bring it on, let’s see what you’ve got!”

Teasing the Fireman

He laid down on the bench, and I straddled his face. My sweaty workout latex shorts were inches from his lips. I wrapped him up in a powerful leg squeeze and started constricting. He immediately started gasping for air. “Sadie! Stop!” he cried, sipping short little stabs of air.

“Can’t take the heat can you?” I teased, releasing him from my powerful leg squeeze. The powerful firefighter rubbed his neck which had reddened from my grasp. “I didn’t know you could do that!” he said. “What else can you do?” he wondered, looking at me with new eyes. “I’ll show you, big boy. Follow me.”

Turning Up The Heat

Without a word, I led him up the stairs to the bedroom. He glanced at my closet where I kept my magic incest shoes. That firefighter looked down at me, and I pushed him down on the bed. The lights dimmed, and I stripped off all my sweaty workout clothes. His pants bulged, and I crawled up on top of him, wrapping my legs around his torso and shoving my pussy in his face. “Lick, babe,” I instructed.

Connor did his very best licking every part of my cunt as I nearly broke his rib cage with my powerful leg squeeze. “Sadie, please,” he muttered in between licks, “I can’t breathe!” “Keep going,” was my only response. His little protests only made me squeeze tighter. 

The Final Squeeze

I reached back and started stroking his big dick. The man was rock hard, about to explode. Something about him screamed, “I need a powerful leg squeeze.” I knew what to do: I shuffled forward and wrapped my legs around his neck, bucking my hips forward so I was squeezing his neck and forcing him to lick my sweet little asshole. 

His cock was practically purple from the pressure. His face was, too. “Now, beg me for the most powerful leg squeeze I’ve got,” I told him. He nodded. “Please!” he gasped in between sharp inhalations. My legs tightened and my pussy gushed. I gave one final squeeze as I smothered him with my gushing orgasm. His fire hose started spraying its massive load…

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