Nanny Sex stories, loving bosses massive BBC!

Nanny sex stories, Loving bosses Massive BBC. While no one is looking! The nanny is always one of the hottest fantasies out there! The nanny was hired to live in the home and take care of the children to the best of her ability. As sexy as she was the boss was even sexier! So If you could imagine the perfect human-sized barbie she was it. Long straight blonde hair flowing over her shoulder. Her body was slender and curvy with big tits. The boss was a beautiful black man built tall and muscular. One night late at night, the nanny went down to the kitchen for a late night snack.

Wearing a hot pink belly shirt tank top and matching booty shorts. She looked amazing with her ass cheeks just barely hanging out the bottoms. So She was on tiptoes her head in a cupboard and slightly bent over, her ass perked up just a little. Suddenly there was the sound of a man clearing his throat from behind her. She jumped and turned around quickly to see her boss. Wearing a bathrobe and a pair of boxers, his chest bare. There were beads of water dripping down his chest. Freshly showered and looking delectable.

Nanny Sex stories, loving bosses massive BBC!

The nanny apologized if she was making too much noise. So He came closer to her wrapping his arms around her tight athletic body. Little did he know that she had a crush on him. Putting her hand on his bare chest she felt the muscles flex underneath. His arms bulged and she just had to touch them. She slipped off the bathrobe and it fell to the floor. Sliding down his skin like a liquid. So She licked her tongue along the ridges of his hard abs. Letting her tongue slide down to the line of his boxers.

Looking up at him she took his cock into her mouth. Taking him deep down my throat. So as she was sucking his cock on the kitchen floor. He was so big she could hardly fit him all the way down. So in a blur of motion, he picked her up putting her on the counter. Reaching up he pulled off her booty short bottoms and started to rub her pussy. Making her cunt soaking wet she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him toward her. His pronounced head pressed against her tight opening. He smiled and shoved it balls deep into her pussy! Yelling out with pain and pleasure while he shoved his massive BBC inside of her.

Nanny Sex stories, loving bosses massive BBC!

So that beautiful black man fucked her till he filled her full of cum. So They fucked all over the kitchen that night. Exhausted from a night of hardcore cumming they never made it to their rooms. So they were caught sleeping together in the living room the next morning. So I guess the kinky cat is out of the bag.

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