The goal is to be your seductive Naked Girlfriend by midnight tonight.

Getting ready to meet you as a stranger at a bar is exciting. I know when we come home together I will become your sexy Naked Girlfriend. This time I picked out my favorite hot little black dress. It will be so sexy when you slide your hands up my thighs and hips to discover I’m not wearing any panties at all. You need to want me from across a table. You need to be trapped in public where anyone could notice your rock-hard cock under your pants. To want me so bad that you find little nooks to tuck me away in to grab and squeeze me.

Then when I know you can’t focus on anything else I’ll take you home to give you all that sweet pussy you crave. Baby, I get off thinking about you. I want to take you so bad right now. Desperate to see you and suck your mouth. I want to suck everything on you. When I get in the same room as you, oh baby you’re in big trouble. I’m going to eat you alive. Dropping to my knees and look up into those beautiful eyes of yours. You will see how much I want you, how much I need you.

Push into my mouth giving me that big fat cock, feeding me my favorite meal.

Oh, fuck! I want you. How can I keep getting ready to see you when I have to keep cleaning myself up from cumming to my own cock sucking fantasy. I’m ready to give it all lover. Your Naked Girlfriend in every way, shape, and form. While sitting in a new bar across town I heard the clearing of a so-called stranger’s throat as he approached me. He stated that he hoped I didn’t mind but he had a very good suggestion for me and he would like to buy my drink for me as well.

I agreed and thanked him for his kindness. His throat-clearing was actually very warm and intriguing. Not at all pompous like one might think. I could tell he wanted to be cute and impress me a little. Over our scotch served neat we laughed and teased each other a bit. No longer a stranger guy was turning out to be a real blast.

He asked me about art and listened to my long-winded excitement over brush strokes and color expression.

My dorky jokes were even funny to him, or at least he said they were. Things were going as well as possible and after two more drinks a piece I was ready to get a little air. I asked my new friend who had been growing sexier by the minute if he cared to join me, and he did. It was such a beautiful summer night. The temperature was just right to wear a short dress. Once we were outside he leaned me up against the brick wall and kissed me very slowly, very breathy, and so hot.

It was hard not to control myself and he was hard while controlling himself. I swear I could feel electricity shoot up my thighs and into my pussy with each twist of his tongue. So I left him with his cock as hard as a rock, and my number in my pocket. Now we will see.

I love being the Naked Girlfriend of your fantasies.

If we don’t keep it fresh and interesting with role play and fun Fetish Phone Sex things will go vanilla. However, I know exactly how to make my man happy with the most romantic and thoughtful kink there is. I have that nasty imagination that will never quit, along with the style of your dream girl. You know I’m the Naked Girlfriend who can’t just be showered with gifts on my Birthday, but I need affection too. The kind of affection I crave is in the form of pussy eating and ass worship.

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