One Seductive Look between manimals like us is explosive fireworks of passion.

I love to daydream and fantasize. It is no secret, and comes to no ones surprise. However, I’m not sure if you are aware that giving that Seductive Look to a man brings me to a boil. It’s that sexy voice of yours that starts my body’s reaction of moisture right away. See I can picture us together in our daily lives. It just seems to be where you lead my imagination every time we talk. I love this fantasy of GFE Phone Sex in our life together.

I want to lure you into our bedroom after a long day of taking on the world. Pulling your jacket off your shoulders and down your back while wearing the slinkiest little black dress. I grab you by your broad shoulders and whisper in your ear. You are a god tonight worthy of a goddess’ worship. This is how I will treat you my darling. Seducing you into our bed where I will cater to your every need. No one can please you the way I do, because no one loves you like me.

Your my dream, the one I desire more than any man. My mind races along with my heart when we speak.

I will crawl to you pledging my undying love. This lust of mine grows as I run my hands up your pant leg. Unziping the garments that separate me from the cock I crave. I will have my man, and when I am finished for the night we will sleep soundly. When the sun rises, you will open your eyes to see me there. In your bed, you will know that the Cock Sucking dream you had is your new reality. Living to fulfill your dream as this new reality you smile so big.

There is another type of love that can be fleeting and momentary. Both are incredible and have great value in my life. Take for example a love that is bright and fiery, because it appears out of nowhere. This has led me down a path of blind beauty more than once. This sweeps one of their feet and throws caution to the wind. It embodies living in the moment, and life is short. The experience when the love bursts can be painful, but is there light without shadow? We all long for a love that feels as exciting as this sun burst. The intense fire burning love, with the long shelf life as something far more practical.

Believe it or not for this desire I have been called a fool by many.

My hearts resolve is strong and will continue the quest to be the girl who got it all. Using your breath as my oxygen you feed me new life. Feeding from you already yet I crave more. Having Anal Sex on my mind, I have been lusting for you to deliver. Getting me higher and higher until my feet no longer touch the floor. Leaning me back on the bed you kiss down my warm skin giving me a Seductive Look. Pulling my panties down you tell me exactly what you plan on doing to me.

Looking into my green eyes and I into yours I can see your clarity. Having my ass all to yourself with total ownership is the way it is. Talking dirty to me for so long from a distance we knew Role Play wouldn’t hold us forever. Feeling your lips traveling slowly up my thighs sends tingles straight to my pussy. Being as wet as I am continues to intensify with every kiss and lick you give. Sliding your fingers inside of my tight ass you prepare me for that perfect cock of yours. Standing up and lowering your pants I get to see that huge dick I hunger for.

Feed me baby while you watch me touch and rub my pussy.

Grip that big thick cock at the base and slide it into my wet little pussy so you can ease into my ass. A Seductive Look heats up when you rub your swollen head against my asshole until your head begins to push me open.

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