I’ve had a couple of guys in my life who are seriously interested in my nails, to the point that it’s a nail fetish.

I assume a nail fetish because they’ve always liked looking at my manicured nails and having me run them down their skin, whether it be their arm or their back. They’ve especially liked my nails around their cocks, but we’ll get to that part.

Somehow, a well-painted hand with long, long nails always gets these guys squirming in their seats. I show them my new, manicured hands, sometimes dotted with gems and beads, sometimes with patterns and always with an accent nail. That little action has them squirming around in their seats, faces red and sweaty, hard-on in their laps.

It’s so much fun to play with men when they’re like that. I take my nails and scratch the back of their necks, making them feel my nails. Cold, hard keratin slides down their neck, down their back, and they shiver as I move my nails into points. I dig it into their skin just a little, mimicking what I might be doing during sex.

It doesn’t take them long to get them hard at all.

They always let me trail my nails down their stomachs, always let me scratch their hips with my long fingers. Sometimes, they like me to tie them up and scratch them with my hands, make them feel how strong my nails are, make them feel the designs and gems I’ve put on my hands. They let me scratch them all the way down their bodies, down to their thighs.

And that’s when I rub my nails up against their hard, dripping cocks. All these guys’ bodies shake and quiver as I tease their cocks, rubbing up and down with the backside of my nails. It takes just a stroke of a rhinestone underneath the head of a penis to make it shoot deliciously all over my hands.

Tell me, do you like my nails as much as my nail fetish guys do? Call my phone sex line and let me know!

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