Nail fetish: Let Me Paint Your Toes!!

I’ve known men who have all kinds of fetishes that they are serious about. I have even dated a guy who had an extreme nail fetish. When I say nail fetish what I mean by that is, he was obsessed with making sure my hands and feet were painted. He was a perfectionist, he wanted my toes and hands to be painted the same colors or he would be upset. I’ve never even known a guy could have a nail fetish until I met him.

He always used to tell me that he knows he has a weird fetish but he can’t help it. The first time I found out he had a nail fetish was after the second time we had sex. Afterward, when were just relaxing and he was massaging my feet he kept touching each one of my toenails. At the time I just thought he was admiring my pretty feet. Until he told me he loved the way women’s nails looked and felt.

A few weeks after we started dating,

He started taking me to all my nail salon appointments and sitting there each time. Just watched as they did my nails. It was really hot dating a guy who made sure my hands and feet were always done. I know some females find a man’s fetish off-putting but not me. I find it sexy that a man likes something so much that they can’t get enough of it. The guys I’ve dated who have had fetishes always make me feel more like the center of attention than an average guy will. Plus, I even have a few fetishes of my own but I like to keep them secret.

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