Hey There, My Valentine’s Day Bitch!

I want you to be fully prepared for this Valentine’s Day because it’s going to be very special. I know this holiday is usually all about the girl. You’re expected to buy her flowers, chocolates, and other cliché gifts to show her how much she means to you. Well, that’s all fine and dandy but boring as hell. This Valentine’s Day is going to be all about you. I’m going to wine and dine and fuck you. But, I haven’t fucked every guy the way I plan to fuck you. I’m actually going to get a gift that I really want because I’m going to take your ass-cherry. That’s right, I’m going to fuck you with my pink 10-inch strap-on all night long! You’re going to be my Valentine’s Day bitch. 

You can try to refuse, you can try to talk me out of it but my mind is already made up. And you should know by now when I want something (especially an ass-cherry) I’m sure as hell going to get it. So, just accept the fact that you’re going to be my Valentine’s Day bitch and get that ass ready for me. 

Wine and Dine

Like I promised, I’m going to wine and dine you first. I’m going to book a reservation at the fanciest restaurant in the city, pick you up in a sexy sports car, and treat you to a romantic evening. I will wear my best fuck-me dress, a skin-tight red dress, and matching stilettos. And, I wear it without a bra, of course. My nipples are always so distracting in this dress, I love to watch men’s jaws practically dropped to the floor. The neckline is so low and my big tits so free, I bet you’ll catch a nip-slip a few times during the night. 

I know throughout dinner, you’ll be nervous and wondering what it’s going to be like as my Valentine’s Day bitch. So, I’ll encourage you to drink lots of wine, the looser you are for me tonight the better. I want you to let go of any inhibitions before I have my way with you. At the end of the night, I’ll pick up the check, of course. Then, I’ll drive you back to my place…

Fucking You

Are you ready? I sure am. 

We’ll go straight into my bedroom and you’ll sit on the bed not quite knowing what to do. Don’t worry, my Valentine’s Day bitch, I’ll lead. I’ll undress you and get a good look at that body. Then I’ll go into my closet and return fully naked with my pink 10-inch strap-on cocked and loaded. You’ll still be nervous but also rock hard. The sight of my naked body makes you want to cum right then. 

First, we’ve got to lube up. I’ll tell you to get on your knees and suck on my cock. You grab my firm ass while you deepthroat me like a pro. Once I’m nice and wet, I’ll tell you to lay on your back on the bed. It’s time for you to lose that ass-cherry! I’ll push your legs back to your chest and fuck you like a bitch. You’ll cry out but want more. When I see that you’re close, I’ll bend down and suck your cock while continue to drill into you. 

It’ll be painful for your virgin ass, but it will also the best fuck you’ve ever had.


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