Two Girls, A Driver, and Private Peep Show

I love going out to a club with my girls, having some drinks, dancing, and getting a little wild. Of course, fucking some hottie at the end of the night is the cherry on top. Drunken sex after the club is always messy, hot, and fun! I didn’t know what kind of person I wanted to take home that night. But after dominating my Valentine’s Day bitch last week, I knew I needed some femininity in my life. That desire is what would eventually lead to a girl-on-girl private peep show for my lucky Lyft driver. You just never know how a drunken night will end!  

I Need to Taste You

Once I had a few drinks in me, a gorgeous petite blonde on the dance floor caught my eye. She had an innocent look about her and wore a sexy black dress. A few guys tried to dance with her but she didn’t seem interested. She caught me staring and blushed. So, I made my move and asked to dance with her. She could barely take her eyes off the twins as we flirted. It was like she wanted to dive into my cleavage. I held her close by the waist and we started making out. Then she pulled away and looked suddenly shy. I asked her what was wrong and she confessed she had never been with a girl before but was very curious. As you can imagine, this had me hooked. 

I told her I’d be happy to be her first and she kissed me again. We continued to grind on the dance floor and had our hands all over each other. There was so much raw sexual tension between us. Finally, I whispered in her ear, “I need to taste you.” I ran my hand up her thigh, up her skirt, and no panties stopped my fingers from rubbing her bare pussy. I pressed two fingers inside her slick slit. But, she pushed my hand away and said, “Not here.” I put my fingers in my mouth for a delicious preview and I could see her desire heighten. “Mmm, I want more of that,” I told her. Then I summoned a Lyft. 

Sexy Private Peep Show

The Lyft driver was waiting for us when we got out of the club. We got in the backseat and I told him I would give him a huge tip if he just drove around for a bit. He understood immediately and lowered his rearview mirror for a better view of us. This probably wasn’t his first private peep show but I’m sure it was his favorite. 

I wanted to devour this girl so bad. We kissed passionately while I pulled on her dress and released her perfect perky tits. I sucked on her nipples and they got so hard. She moaned excitedly and I think I heard the driver moaning too. He was enjoying this private peep show just as much as we were. Then, I got on my knees on the floor of the car, lifted her skirt, and dove into her tiny bare pussy.  Her first time needed to be memorable, so I really took my time.

I teased her and licked every flower fold so delicately. I brought her to the brink many times and I think the driver too. She moaned loud and wildly, she didn’t hold back her feelings of pleasure. This shy girl was totally letting loose. I finally brought her to orgasm and she came hard. Her petite body convulsed, her pretty tits bounced, and she closed her eyes tightly as she let out a final scream.

The Lyft driver started heading back to the club after that. He knew his private peep show had come to an end. We returned to the club and danced some more before heading back to my place for round two.

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