I’d never gotten in trouble at work before, let alone received a good hard spanking!

I pride myself on being a good employee.  I’m always on time, get my work done, dress appropriately. Nevertheless, I found myself being disciplined by my new boss and receiving a good hard spanking.

It was just a normal Monday…

I came into work as usual. My hot sexy boss had been on vacation for the week. Still, on that particular day, I put extra effort into my outfit. As a result, I was wearing a tight white dress. You could see from behind that I had no panty lines. That’s because I was wearing my tiniest white G-string.

Maybe I looked like I was asking for a good hard spanking. But I didn’t expect it at work. As soon as I got in, I put my things down at my desk and noticed the empty office had lights on. And there was a man in a suit on the phone. I thought I’d be alone in the office.

I stood in the doorway.

Leaning my hip against the doorframe, I waited until he hung up the phone. He introduced himself to me as the new attorney at the firm. And my direct supervisor while my boss was away.

“Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help make your welcome here as easy I possible,” I cooed, while turning around and bending down to adjust my heel.  I made sure he got the best view of my ass in my tight little dress and imagined him giving me a good hard spanking.

It didn’t take long.

The buzzer on my phone went off moments later.

“Yes, sir?” I answered, knowing it was him.

“Could you come into my office, please? And close the door behind you.”  His voice was deep and stern.

I opened the door and found him leaning back in his chair.

“Have a seat,” he demanded, gesturing to the chair in front of his desk.  Obediently, I sat down. “Is this the kind of outfit you normally wear to work?” he asked.

I pushed my shoulders back and sat up tall, making sure my tits were spilling out of the top of my dress as much as possible. “Yes, sir,” I replied.

“And do you think that wearing something so tight and revealing is appropriate?” he asked, getting up and walking around the desk.

Who knew my inappropriate office attire meant I’d get a good hard spanking?

I looked up at him with wide eyes.  “Am I going to be written up?” I asked, leaning forward so he could look right down my dress.

“Stand up,” he stated, and I complied. He pushed me over to the desk and bent me over. His hands were on my back pressing my body against the solid wood.

My new boss yanked my dress up around my waist. As he reached his hand back, I gasped in anticipation. And then he came down with a good hard spanking right on my right ass cheek.

I cried out in pain. As a result, he took his other hand and covered my mouth. He kept hitting my ass repeatedly. All the while, he told me what a little slut I was and how inappropriate my outfit was for work. He was breathing heavy. And I could see that he was aroused by the bulge in his pants. He just kept smacking my ass over and over.

Finally, he stopped.

He let go of me, and I stood up. My butt throbbed and ached from the good hard spanking he had given me. I looked back at my ass and saw his red handprint on my behind.

“You can go back to your desk now,” he said, adjusting his tie and sitting down.

I smiled demurely and left his office. All the while thinking of what outfit I was going to wear to work tomorrow.

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Good Hard Spanking