Not even my hot sexy boss knows what I really do for a living

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a part-time paralegal by day, dirty slutty seductress by night.  Nothing turns me on more than having a secret identity that no one knows about.  Not even my hot sexy boss.

My morning routine

Every morning, I put extra effort into getting ready for my corporate job.  I put on a garter and thigh-high stockings. And I pick the highest, sexiest, leather heels I have in my closet.  Then I grab a tight short skirt and a button-up blouse.  I pull my hair up and back into a bun and complete my polished look.  You’d never know how I spend my nights if you saw me leaving my apartment in the morning.

I’m a long-time employee

I’ve been working in the office longer than I can remember.  I probably would have quit by now, except I have a huge crush on my hot sexy boss.  He comes in every day totally put together in a dark suit, hair slicked back, and I can always see a bulge in his pants as he walks past my desk.  Maybe it’s because of the way I cross my legs so my skirt rides up and exposes the top of my stockings.

We keep it very professional

No one would ever suspect my boss’ demure little paralegal could be such a bad girl.  One night, while working late, I mentioned I had to leave to work my night job.  He asked why I had to work two jobs, and I confessed that working for him didn’t pay enough.

He asked what I would do to make it worth my time

My hot sexy boss looked perplexed and apologized that I wasn’t making enough working for him.  Then I saw the twinkle in his eye when he asked what I might do to get a raise.  I smiled coyly and began unbuttoning my blouse.

We both knew what was going to happen

His mouth gaped for a moment as I pulled my blouse off, revealing my perky tits behind the black lace push-up bra.  I pulled my skirt down to my ankles revealing my sexy satin panties and stockings.

“I really could use a raise, Boss,” I said, walking over to his side of the desk and standing in front of him.  His cock was visibly straining against his pants already.

He wasted no time

My hot sexy boss grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap.

“Anything to keep you here,” he whispered, grabbing my tight bun and pulling my head back.  So, my hot sexy boss knew what an important asset I was to the company.

He pushed my panties aside and stuck a finger inside my wet pussy.  I began moaning and grinding my hips against his finger.  Soon, he had pulled that giant cock out of his pants and replaced his finger with it.

It was my time to get what I wanted

As he slid that cock into my tight pussy, I told him how much more I wanted an hour as well as two more weeks of vacation.  As soon as his dick was all the way in, he breathed out, “Okay!”  Then I started to really ride him.  I let that throbbing cock slide in and out of my wet pussy, pushing his face into my tits, meanwhile running my perfectly manicured fingers all over his back.

It didn’t take long before he was holding my hips still and shooting his giant load deep into my pussy like the cum loving slut that I am wanted. As he leaned his particularly sweat-dampened hair against my chest, he said, “I’ll put the paperwork in right now.”

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Hot Sexy Boss