I had so much fun at the strip club, I decided to do my own private strip tease!

A few weeks ago, it was my neighbor’s birthday.  And for his celebration, he wanted to have a strip club adventure.  Lucky for me, I was invited. Since that night, he has talked nonstop about how hot it was.  How hot the girls were.  And how hot it was to see me and one of the dancers fingering each other and making out.  I was feeling horny last night and decided he deserved his own private strip tease.

We spend most nights together anyway

I can’t lie, he’s very convenient.  After all, I just have to walk a few feet down the hall.  And there he is! So, when I’m feeling horny and need a really good pounding, I don’t have to look far.  But I didn’t want him to think it’s all about my wants and needs.  Obviously, he gets off and loves fucking me.  But on this night, I wanted to give him something special.  And since he couldn’t stop talking about the strip club, I knew that special thing would be a private strip tease.

I saw his car out front and knew he was home

So, I stopped by.  I knocked on his door wearing just a men’s button up shirt.  And of course my highest six-inch red stilettos.  I even brought over a bottle of champagne so it would feel like the VIP room of the strip club.  He looked shocked when he answered the door and saw what I was wearing.  Still, he invited me right in.

He had no idea he was in for his own private strip tease

I led him over the couch and had him sit down.  He kept trying to ask me what was happening.  I put my finger right against his lips and told him to be quiet.  As a result, he just sat quietly on the couch, his mouth agape.  I turned on his stereo.  And popped open the champagne and handed him a glass.

It was time for his private strip tease

I stood in front of him, swaying my hips and looking him right in the eyes.  Slowly, I started unbuttoning my shirt until he could get a good look at my black lace push-up bra and matching black lace G-string.  I let the shirt slide off my arms and drop to the floor.  Then I turned around, making sure he was looking right at my ass, and sat down on his lap.  I could already feel his hard on through his pants.  I grinded my ass against him and leaned back.  As I pressed my back against his chest, I felt him go to kiss my neck.

“No, no,” I chided playfully.  “You know you can’t touch the strippers.”  Still, he reached his hands around to cup my breasts.  So, I batted away his hands and stood up.

I turned around and got right on his lap, taking my bra off.  And showing him my perfect tits.  Then I grabbed his face and rubbed my tits right against him.  I kept grinding my crotch on his, feeling his erection grow.

He was definitely enjoying his private strip tease

I got down on the floor in front of him and opened my legs wide.  Clapping my heels against his wood floor, I started to rub my pussy.  He could hardly contain himself.  And I watched him put his hand between his legs on his hard cock.  I knew he wanted to release it.  So, I got back in his lap and pulled that cock out.  I rubbed my pussy right on it and started grinding again to the beat of the music.  I was about to make his strip club dream come true.

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