I was so happy to be included in the strip club adventure!

I know some girls aren’t into strip clubs. And that’s their own prerogative, which is fine. But I am not that girl! There is nothing I love more than watching scantily clad, beautiful women up on stage, dancing so seductively and wearing those seven-inch heels.  I love watching them strip their clothes off and show off their amazing bodies. So, of course I said yes when my horny hot neighbor asked me to go on a strip club adventure for his birthday.

A strip club adventure on a Friday night is the way to go

We were ready to celebrate! I didn’t want to upstage the dancers. However, I still wanted to look sexy. So, I put on my favorite tight little black dress and stockings. I picked out a pair of black stilettos to complete the look. He was looking his best in tight dark jeans and a white button-down. He invited me into his apartment. And we had a toast for his birthday with some champagne.  Soon, we were in the car on our way.

The club was packed

There were so many people inside. Naturally, I was one of few women there.  But I didn’t mind. As soon as we walked in, we sat right at the stage. And he pulled out his stack of ones and handed me half. We were surrounded by gorgeous half-naked women. One girl had her perfect ass right in my neighbor’s face as he kept slipping money into her G-string. Another girl was straddling the pole and climbing her way up to the top. She flipped upside down and winked at me while untying her bikini top, exposing the biggest tits I had ever seen.

But we needed more from this strip club adventure

It didn’t take long before a few girls came over to talk. There is something about being in a strip club as a woman, or with a woman, that brings attention.  Soon, a gorgeous stripper took my hand. She had long blonde hair and giants tits spilling out of her tiny bra. She led me down to the VIP room, promising me an amazing lap dance. Looking over my shoulder, I saw my neighbor following us. He had a wicked grin on his face.

Once in the VIP room, she climbed right on top of me

She pushed me down on the couch and pressed those perfect tits right against my face. Taking my hands, she had me squeeze each breast. As a result, my panties were wet. She must have sensed this because she had her hand in between my legs in moments. Pulling up my dress, she began grinding her pussy against mine.

I looked over at my neighbor

He was clearly enjoying his strip club adventure. He had his pants unzipped.  And he was rock hard. He had his cock in his hand stroking it watching the two of us together. She took one of her perfect tits and pushed it right into my mouth. I was sucking hard on that nipple as she pulled my panties to the side, and I felt her slide a manicured finger right into my dripping pussy. I heard my neighbor moan as he started stroking his dick faster. The faster he stroked, the faster she fingered me. Before long, I was cumming all over her finger. By far, this was the best strip club adventure I had ever had!

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