I don’t need a porn movie with you.

We’re sitting next to each other in a movie theater.  It’s not very crowded and, as the previews play, we share my favorite popcorn and Snickers.  The lights finally go low and the movie starts.

Your hand leaves the box of popcorn and moves to my thigh.  Because I’m wearing a sexy little sundress (without panties) you easily work your hand up under the hem of my dress.  I feel your fingers touching my warm pussy lips and, sliding in between them, you start to play with my clit.

You feel how hot and wet you’re making me and, taking advantage of my wetness, you slide one finger inside.  Teasing me, you quickly take it out and put it into your mouth.  After tasting the affect you have on me, you slide your finger back inside.

As the movie plays we continue sitting like this, your fingers playing inside my pussy, the musky scent of sex all around us.  There aren’t many people in the theater with us and, after getting on your knees between my legs, you slide my hips toward you.

Your head goes underneath the hem of my sundress.  As you tease my clit with your tongue, you slide your fingers in and out of me.  I can no longer keep myself from cumming.  As the wetness begins to glaze your fingers, you remove them and replace them with your tongue.  My hands pull your head deeper and your tongue laps up every single drop.

I need you inside me.

Once we get home, you tie me to the bed.  Every inch of me belongs to you, and you kiss and lick all of me.  You know how desperately I want your cock inside my tight, hot, wet hole, yet you choose to torture me.  Your head is again between my legs.  You flick my clit with your tongue and finger me, waiting for me to cum again before plunge your cock inside me.


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