“To the extreme”,  he says.  “Don’t hold anything back”, he pleads.   My  boy toy was on his knees with tears  in his eyes, begging me to be as dirty as one could be.  I had his hands tied.  His dick smushed to the floor in between my heels. The tip of his cock was all sorts of purple! I had already had all sorts of shit up his ass.  Smacked him around.  He had welts and bruises all over him.   His ass was bleeding from the  switch I made him go out naked and get off the tree.

I had to think for a minute, so I made him suck  my dick as I went through some ideas.  I pulled my cock out of his mouth and took off.  I then pushed him to his back on the floor.  I popped a squat right over his pathetic  face.  I had to piss so bad.  So I decided to take it up a notch.  I let that sweet nectar flow right out from in between my pussy lips.   Letting it drain all over his face.  Letting it flow up his nose, over his eyes in his mouth as well as letting it run down into his ears.

Apparently my sweet nectar was not enough humiliation.  Considering the little bitch boy was getting mouthy.  telling me I didn’t have it in me to be a true dominate woman.  So…. I asked the little slut if he was hungry.  I had some home-made  tasty dark chocolate ready for him.  All he had to do was open his mouth and  enjoy.  He was being very disobedient.  I was not about to take any of his sass and to prove it I punched him three times in his dick! That made his mouth open up very well.   I spread open my ass cheeks letting the sticky warm, and lovely scented log  gently ease out of my cute little butt hole.  The gooey goodness filled his mouth.  I slapped my ass down on his face,  Made him lick my asshole.  As his tongue was cleaning the shitter, I surprised him with more chocolate.  Smearing it all over his face.  I stood up and looked at this pathetic shit covered loser dripping with my piss.  All beat up and worthless to the naked eye.   I wonder if I had been extreme enough for him.  Especially after he puked on my floor and I made him lick it up!