Skeletons Come Out to Play in This mother in law sex stories Story!

Are mother in law sex stories the center of your masturbation fantasies?  You wouldn’t be the first to admit this fact, nor will you be the last.  Sometimes when we meet our in-laws, we definitely understand where our husbands and wives got their great looks and personalities.  My friend Ronda married a real piece of work.  He was handsome, well-established, and very cunning.  There was not even a reason to doubt the guy’s sincerity.  Her husband David got on well with everyone.

One day Ronda went out of town to visit a sick girlfriend and help her out. 

Of course, David stayed behind to watch the house so he said.  While watching television on the couch, there came a knock at the door.  David was surprised to see his mother in law standing in the doorway.  Without hesitation, David invited her in.  For now, we will call the mother in law Cindy.  Cindy had a very stern look on her face.  David started feeling uneasy and was starting to wonder why she was there.

Cindy cut to the chase. 

She pulled out her phone from her purse and started flipping through pictures.  A person could look at David’s horrified expression to know the kinds of incriminating photos were on Cindy’s phone.  Let’s just say the skeletons were out of the closet.  Some of the photos were of David with other men and women in compromising positions.  There seemed to be a few common themes.  David was cheating, had a strap-on in his ass, or was taking cock in one or both holes.

All Families Have Secrets!

You see David had been unfaithful to Ronda for years.  Safer sex was never practiced with his other lovers.  So Cindy was determined to teach him what happens to wimps who cheat.  David complied with Cindy’s demands.  The conditions were strict!  He must always be available for servicing Cindy, have hiss ready, and be prepared to have a strap-on or cock in his pussy or mouth.  That afternoon, Cindy took David into the bedroom he shared with Ronda.  Now I never said that only David had secrets.  The whole family was infamous for their naughty deeds.

Cindy ordered David onto his back.

Cindy lowered her plump ass slowly onto David’s waiting face.   During that weekend, Cindy taught David how to pleasure and lick ass.  Protest of ass licking turned into a craving that he would always have.  If he was a good boy David got a nice long strap-on from his mother in law.  He loved how beautiful she looked as she plunged her long cock into his ass.  This made him think of his one-night stands who would take him by force on the bed and make him beg like a man whore.

Who would have thought mother in law sex stories could be so juicy?  There is still so much to discuss, but I’ll save that for another day.  What are your hidden secrets?  If you’re ready for over-the-top blackmail phone sex call now!


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