Can Safer Sex Be Overlooked If You’re Partying?

Safer sex was encouraged, a little when I got into exploring all of my desires.  My mom strongly encouraged this practice, but we all know how I turned out right?  Perhaps my mother’s warnings came from a place of love, of wanting to protect her daughter.  I’m sure her intentions were well met.  My mother in her day was a real party girl.  One could look at her face and never even connect that fact because of her sweet innocent nature.  For those who knew her in the days of college and early adulthood remember her as a cum eating whore who loved to let loose!

During college, my mother dated this bum named Bryan!  He had the looks, and the charm, but boy was he a dick.  He didn’t hide the fact he loved to fuck.  My mommy was not the only girl he lusted after.  My mother may have been a whore, but there was a time she was trying to save herself for marriage.  As I stated, the intent was good.  Bryan was very persuasive and one night while at his place, they were watching movies, and well you know one thing led to another.  Not really the romantic way she wanted to give it up, tut it was the truth.

Of course, wanting to be good girlfriends, my mom’s BFFs threw her a birthday party to help her forget her troubles. 

What they didn’t tell my mom, was they hired some strippers to dance for her at the party.  Much food and drinks were consumed that night.  After the candles were blown out, the doorbell rang.  Two police officers stood at the door looking serious.  They asked to come in and speak to my mother.  Feeling relieved the officers were not here to bust anyone my mom approached them.

The music started and the two officers started peeling off their sexy uniforms.  A longing in my mother’s pussy started waking her up.  She missed the feel of her ex’s dick inside of her.  She wanted that sexy feeling, to feel her pussy being filled.  One dancer came up and started dancing with mommy.  Mommy looked so beautiful tonight in her red dress and heels.  He put his arms around her tiny waist and danced so gracefully that my mom fell into his gaze.  The other dancer came up behind her and started to dance close.  Now my mommy had to have them both.

Safer sex was out the window! 

Protocol or not, my mom put her hands down one of their sexy briefs. The dancers did not wear thongs, but very nice briefs which made their cocks really bulge.  My mother fondled the dancers as they danced close.  The contact made the birthday all worth it!  She needed to be taken and fucked hard, to be tasted, to have the inner women come out to play, to suck, and tease.   After the dancing, the two dancers stayed and talked to the girls, especially the lucky birthday girl.  One could look at them and see the lust in their eyes when they looked upon her lovely body.

Finally the two lovely men took one hand and led my mommy away.  Who knows what would happen next?  Wouldn’t you like to play out this story with me your hot phonesex mommy Stacy?


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