Mom and I were always super open with each other, so when I reflect on our relationship, it’s no surprise we had mother-daughter sex adventures. 

Honestly, the first of our mother-daughter sex adventures was on her, though. I was still in high school, and still playing with boys when she brought home a young man. Of course, to me, he was old and suave, but to her, he was her plaything. I was still at an age where sibling breeding incest sounded like fun. I’d never thought I’d get to play with college boys. 

But when I found them, they were both spread out on the couch, in full view. As a result, I couldn’t help but slide my hand under my skirt and into my panties. 

Of course, mom saw me. And she gave me a wink and leaned down to whisper something in the college boy’s ear. 

“Come here, Pookie.” Her tone was sweet and gentle, with an underlying current of promise. 

“I know you know how to fuck, sweetheart,” she told me when I came over. The college boy simply sat with his eyes wide. “So I want you to ride Christian here while I use his face. Understand?” 

“Yes, M’am,” I told her. And I took off my panties and climbed on top of him like a good girl, while Mom straddled his face. I thought that might be all, especially since I interrupted them. But instead, she kissed me and helped me out of my blouse. “Come on, sweetheart,” she encouraged me, while the college kid rammed into my tight pink pussy. “I know you can come on him. Then you and I can switch positions.” 

Next, I remember, she made our kiss filthy

The Second Adventure

Mom and I were sharing another filthy kiss in the next memory of our mother-daughter sex adventures. But this time, she and I were sharing a cock between us. 

Both of us were naked. Our breasts rubbed against each other’s as we tried to suck and kiss the cock between us. The only rule we’d been given was that we couldn’t use our hands on his cock. Naturally, that meant we’d have to work together. If mom wanted to deep throat, I’d help steady the cock to her. When I wanted to suck on his balls, mom would nose them up so my mouth could grab them more easily. 

And when he came, well, he spurted all over our mouths, our faces, and our breasts, hot and heavy cum sticking between us. The only command he told us after was to clean it up. 

The Third Adventure

This last installment of the mother-daughter sex adventures is the first time I went out to bring someone home. Actually, it was the first time I was able to surprise my mother with my own catch. 

I went to the bar and found a hunk of a guy. He even had a little bit of a beer belly, which my mom loved. I asked if he wouldn’t mind my roommate joining us later. Unsurprisingly, he said yes. He’d been talking to the bartender about how hot he found mother-daughter teams. So it wasn’t a stretch he’d be into mom, too.

When we got to our house, I had him pinned on my king size bed. Of course, I kept the bedroom door open. So when my mom came in, I was kissing our hunk messily from on top of him. As I predicted, Mom immediately jumped in.

She undressed quickly, throwing her clothes to the side. As I kept our hunk distracted with my tongue, she moved between his legs. As a thank you, she pressed a kiss to my back. “What a man you’ve brought in here,” she approved. Then, she sunk to her knees. Within moments, she had his cock in her mouth, sucking as if her life depended on it. 

The hunk of a guy gasped and came in her mouth immediately. I climbed off of him so he could see both of us. Obviously, she was older than I. Due to figuring out she was my mother, he put his hands over his face and asked for more.

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