Today, Mommy and I got together for some mother daughter lesbian sex. 

We always like to do something fun for International Women’s day, so this day we went for mother daughter lesbian sex. Because we wanted to get away, we found a cute little cabin as an Airbnb rental. For a couple of days, we celebrated with wine, food, and movies. 

But all of this was a game of chicken. Sex chicken, if you will. You see, my mommy and I love to push each other to the limits. So in my mommy’s pussy was a sweet little bullet vibe she kept in every day. Likewise, I had the same. Of course, we had each others’ remote controls. 

When we had our mother daughter lesbian sex escapade, we wanted to be absolutely ready for it. So the past few days were all built up to our main event. 

In the end, I cracked first. 

I cracked in the morning, because she woke up after me. I was a good girl and made breakfast, while she kept sleeping. Her curly short hair framed her face; the silk sheets we brought barely covered her form, with her C-cup breasts and nipples slipping out. With her lovely lady curves on display, I did what any hot-blooded human would do: I became a bad girl.

I placed the breakfast tray onto the side table, her eggs and mimosa sliding a little on the plates. But I wasn’t worried- I was about to have an even bigger feast. 

With a little nudging, I got her to open her legs just a little more for me, her delicious pussy hidden underneath those beautiful aqua blue sheets. I moved gently on top of her, my hand slinking behind the sheets while my mouth pressed a kiss to her nipple. 

Wake-Up Sex

A lot of people ask with any lesbian sex, not just mother daughter lesbian sex, if there is no penetration, how does it feel good? Well, I didn’t penetrate Mommy. Instead, I ramped up the foreplay. Mommy and I are clit girls- rubbing our clits is our preferred way to get off. 

Of course, a little nipple play never hurts! I pressed a kiss onto her breast, my fingertips trailing in the curls of her pussy. As my mouth began to suck on the side of her nipple, my tongue danced along her skin. 

At the same time, my fingers began sliding through her slit. Her pussy dripped from the wet dreams sleep gave her, and as my fingers began to slide up and down her labia, she only continued to gush. So, I ran my finger around her hole, then slid back up to her clit. 

Underneath me, she moaned, her hand suddenly grabbing the back of my head. Mother daughter lesbian sex was certainly the way to wake up! Mommy moved my head to her nipple, demanding I suck her there. Similarly, her hips began rocking themselves against my fingers. 

Within moments, she came, clinging to me as I continued to suckle her and rub her through her orgasm. I may have lost, but Mommy can never be mad at me. 

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