Which of my lovely lady curves do you like best? 

I have a variety of lovely lady curves. My calves are nice and shapely, given how often I wear high heels. They draw attention to my thighs, shaped by squats, and able to hold a man tight in between them. Actually, they can easily hold a man’s face in between them. I’m speaking from experience. 

And my face has many lovely curves, too: the shape of my eyes, my rosy cheeks, and my wicked smile. 

But it’s my breasts and my ass that contribute most to my lovely lady curves. My thick juicy ass bounces as I walk, my right cheek popping, and then my left, flexing with each step. I know all the men love watching me strut. So, I always make sure to give just a little extra. After all, what if my lovely lady curves catch a potential sexual partner’s eye? I need to make sure I nab them.

So, I dress up my ass. For example, when I wear jeans, I make sure the dyes are faded on my ass, giving it even more of an illusion of curving. If I wear pants, they must be tight. (In fact, I might skip undies all together!) And if I wear a skirt, of course, it comes just below my ass cheeks when I rest. What better way than to flash someone a peek at my lovely lady curves? 

To be honest, the whole point of drawing attention to my ass is for sex. I want guys to imagine my ass in bed, reverse cowgirl as I twerk it right on top of them. After all, everything I do ensures I get what I need most: sex. 

My Front 

Some people might be designed for productivity. Others have a green thumb. But for me, I require sex. If I abstain, my pussy aches until I go almost wild. Or, if I’ve been drinking, I do go wild, demanding sex from anyone. And luckily, I’ve run into a few men kind enough to look at my lovely lady curves and help me out when I’m in need. 

In truth, nothing draws a man’s attention to me like my breasts. 32DDs bounce along my chest, their curves matching those of my waist and hips. I love to draw attention to my girls. In fact, I’ll wear low cut shirts and chunky necklaces just to catch someone’s eye. 

Because really, what man could resist squeezing these breasts of mine? If I push them in front of your face, could you resist suckling on a nipple? In fact, I hope some of the guys notice my breasts bounce and jiggle when I bounce up to grab a drink at Starbucks. I hope they picture my breasts doing the same movements as their cocks slam inside my body underneath them. 

Or if I bend over because I “dropped something”, you can see my breasts peeking out of my plunge bra. Isn’t it easy to imagine your cock sliding between them? 

Ooh, I’m wet just thinking about all the ways I could get fucked!


Which of my lovely lady curves do you like best? Let this phone sex operator know! 

lovely lady curves