I know all the boys want to worship this thick juicy ass. 

I keep my thick juicy ass plump. A lot of you are into my breasts; after all, that’s how I get my office boob jobs taken care of. But I’ve got a nice, thick ass that can bounce for days, too. Really, I know how many of you would love for me to shake my ass in front of your face. Watch my curves just bounce, bounce, and bounce. Plus, if you spread my ass, you see my pretty holes, too, waiting for you to fuck them. 

Everything seems so nice and tight, doesn’t it? And when I squeeze my cheeks, you can hear them clap. I wonder if I could just squeeze my ass and hold your hand tight. Wouldn’t that be fun? How tight do you think my ass would be, even just between my cheeks? 

There’s something about a thick juicy ass, though, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the shape. It’s so round and plump. You could even bite it a little if you wanted. After all, my ass doesn’t take much to bruise. It’s like a peach that way. And, it’s very, very pink.

Spank It!

Bend me over your knee, yeah? Make sure my ass is nice and in the air. Next, get your palm ready- nice and wide, fingers spread. Because I want there to be bruises by the time you’re done with my ass. More than anything, that spank needs to send waves of pain all the way up my ass, down my back, and deep into my pussy.

Make me count them. Don’t go easy on me. Honestly, I love being a little helpless- it makes it better when I change it up. Grab onto this ass and really dig your fingers in. Please, make me feel those bruises! After all, how often do you get to let loose?

Get used to me squirming on your lap, love. My pussy is nice and wet. Even so, you smack my thick, juicy ass red. My slick seeps down your legs as I gasp. And finally, when I’ve had enough, I flip us over. So that you are on your back and this thick juicy ass is above you. 

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

Eat It!

Let me put my buns right over your mouth. Surely, you know how to worship, right? You know to put your mouth right on my hole, don’t you? Good boy. Get to licking, then. For real, I want to feel your tongue deep, deep inside me, understand? 

Work your mouth. For example, run that tongue around my rim. Let it dart in and out of my hole. Press in a little more, won’t you? 

I hope you know how to worship my asshole properly. My pussy’s already dripping from what you did. And with each swipe of your tongue, you make my toes tingle. 

Soon, I cum all over you.

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