Skinny dipping with friends.

Moonlit skinny dipping while camping with friends. A couple of weeks ago I went camping with some friends on a secluded island. We pitched our tents and built a fire, Time to let the fun begin. Night had struck and you could hear the crickets in the distance chirping above our voices. There was 6 of us that night 3 guys 3 girls all single all wild in their own way. We sat around the fire on the beach and at this point, I’m feeling pretty good from all the drinks I had consumed that day. I stood up and started stripping from head to toe. Some cat calling others saying “what are you doing” and I just said I want to go skinny dipping.

I reached the water that was cool but not cold and started walking further into the water. Not realizing someone was behind me. The moon was so bright there was no hiding everyone could see everything and I just did not care. I turned around to see Joe standing nude behind me. “You had a great idea, Kylie. Mind if I join you.” Joe walked toward me with his muscled body 6 pack abs and a huge cock that dangled limply in the moonlight. Sliding into the water feeling weightless as he wraps his arms around me, “you are so beautiful” Kissing me softly on the lips.

Skinny dipping with friends.

I would feel his cock getting hard pressed against my stomach as our bodies touched. I splashed him as I giggled in his arms and he splashed me back giving me a deep-throated laugh. Joe Grabbed me so quickly and held me against his body as he slid his hand down my thigh and shoved 2 fingers inside my pussy. Moaning as he played with my clit under the water the feeling was so intense. So I reached down and grabbed his cock that is now as hard as he can be. I start stroking him using the water as the lubricant.

I wrapped my arms around his neck using my weightlessness to lift my body up and wrap my legs around him, My engorged breasts pressed against him. He guides his cock to my pussy and slides inside. I could feel the pressure of the water in my hole as he fucked me in the water the sensation was unreal.

Joe used our bodies momentum to fuck me harder he was so big I could see him poke out my belly every time he slammed inside me. One two three thrusts later and I can feel his cum hot inside me as if the water made him feel like a volcanic eruption the feel of him hot and hard inside me ripped a scream from my throat as I came like a hot wave in the water. We looked back to see all our friends watching us with mouths wide open. I had so much fun skinny dipping on my camping trip. I hope next time I get Titty fucked!

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