Engorged breasts lactating on my date at the movies.

My engorged breasts lactating, looked amazing in my button up top. It was my first date sense of having a baby.  My date came to pick me up at my place. When he saw my tight little body and huge engorged breasts knowing I just had a baby his mouth dropped open just a little… He quickly reformed his composure. We got to his car and he opened the door for me as I slide inside he shuts the door.

We got to the movie theater in no time at all. He asked if I was hungry because we could order food inside I politely decline as I was far too nervous to eat food. As we went inside we ended up deciding to see “Sausage Party” since it would be funny. We get inside and took our seats the screen was playing some coke commercial as we sat down at the back of the theater. The movie began and my breast started to hurt defiantly in need of giving some milk. They ached and felt so heavy it was kind of turning me on. He put his hand on my thigh sensually stroking it higher and higher, I had to look at him. His eyes were focused on my throbbing tits you could tell I was engorged.

Engorged breasts lactating on my date at the movies.

As if he knew what I was thinking he had kissed me hard and passionate grabbing my hair pulling me into him tongue fucking my mouth. He started to grab my tits and pulled out my heavy engorged breast and squeezed the nipple and milk shot out like a stream. Following his lead I started stroking his cock through his jeans he was hard and his size was impressive. Grabbing my breast he lowered it to his mouth sucking hard and it feels so good I can see my milk running down his face, Eyes closed and cock hard.

It feels so good my pussy clenched with need and my body is quivered to the feel of his touch. His hands lowered to my clit and started rubbing through my panties. So I knew he knew I was wet my panties were soaking with my pussy juices… God… Can’t help it I wanted him!

I sat down on his bare cock and start to ride him backward cowgirl taking every inch of his cock deep inside of me. So I slammed myself down on his cock while he squeezed my breasts in his hand I could see my milk running down his arm and all over my body. Climaxing I cum all over his cock. With one last squeeze of my tit making my milk spray everywhere he came deep inside of me.

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