I realized that my penis was very hard

Mommy’s Young Cuckold. When I was finally done, Mommy told me to come up and lay on top of her. I realized that my penis was harder than it had ever been. Licking up Bob’s cum from Mommy’s pussy had made me so excited! I wasn’t sure what to think of this but I didn’t have time to dwell on it for long. As soon as I was on top of her she took my very hard penis and guided it to her pussy and slipped it in.

It felt better than I ever imagined it would. She told me to push it in and out which I did, but only a few times. In no time I was exploding inside of her warm, wet pussy. After a few minutes of laying there in silence, Mommy not surprisingly told me to go clean her up again. After I did that, she started talking in a serious voice to Mommy’s young cuckold.

She said that she and Bob were boyfriend now and that he was going to be spending more time here. They would be sleeping here, in Mommy’s room and Mommy’s young cuckold would sleep in his own room in his big-boy bed. Of course, I did not like this at all and I got angry and started pouting!

That didn’t sound like anything like what Mommy and I were doing!

Mommy said that when she and Bob had sex, they both wanted me to watch them and help if I wanted. I didn’t know exactly what that meant but it didn’t sound anything like what Mommy and I were doing! Just before I started to pout even more about this terrible turn of events, Mommy told me that she wanted me to suckle her nipples and drink my milk. I was so happy that she still would let me do this and I started drinking right away.

But unfortunately, this was the last time. At that, my anger and pouting turned into tears that this sad little cuckold tried to hide from Mommy. But I finished my milk and fell asleep like I always did. When I woke up Mommy was already up and out of bed and so was my morning milk. I was not happy about this and I became even more grumpy when I walked into the kitchen and found Bob there.

A few rules that changed the life of Mommy’s young cuckold

Things were kind of tense during breakfast and we didn’t talk about anything that Mommy brought up last night at all. I had gone to school as usual and when I came home Mommy was making dinner for Bob and me. I didn’t like the fact that he was staying for dinner but there wasn’t really anything I could do about it. Over dinner they both discussed some rules, some I already knew and some were for if I decided to watch them have sex and to help.

Next up – the rules! And will I answer the question, “why does Bob have so much free time? Does he even have a job?” And for that matter, how is Mommy making ends meet?Mommy's Young Cuckold

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