By now, I was terrified.    I think I may have made a very bad decision to become your cuckold.

The jealousy was tearing me up but I was powerless to stop the cuckold scene that was about to take place…

You two entered the room but I was staring at the bed as you instructed and never made eye contact.  You walked directly in front of me and stopped. Honey, you remember Mark, don’t you? I simply nodded because I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to talk or move.  You laughed a bit then in full view of me, you pulled him close to you and began to make out. I was about to jump out of my skin. For many years it has only I who had been holding and kissing you and now there was someone else pressed against your lips.  

Mark is about 20 years younger than we are so I’m sure that didn’t hurt.  I was so jealous watching this but for some damn reason, I was also turned on by being your cuckold.  I tried to close my eyes and not watch but I couldn’t keep my eyes closed; it was like I couldn’t get enough.  Sure I have had fantasies of my wife with other guys but they were just that, fantasies. I never intended for them to play out in front of me.


I was confused, to say the least

After a few minutes, you both stopped kissing and you took a step back.  You slowly began to undress. You have a stunning body and that beautiful hair just flowed.  First, your blouse came off, then the skirt. I was amazed at how beautiful you looked. Then off came your bra and panties.  

You tossed your panties on the floor in front of me almost daring me to touch them but I left them alone. Mark certainly noticed your body and he admired you from top to bottom.  You have the cutest, firmest breasts and he did not miss the opportunity to touch them. Was I supposed to get pissed off and jump up and save you? I was confused, to say the least.


It was embarrassing to be in this cuckold situation

You then stepped back from him and addressed me for the first time.  You instructed me to stand up in front of him. It was embarrassing to be in this cuckold situation in the first place but then to be in full view of both of you was way over the top.  “Unbutton his shirt and remove it,” you commanded. So I did and slid it off his body. Next, you ordered me to kneel back down in front of him; I was now getting very nervous. “Unbuckle his pants, unzip them and pull them down, you directed;” my heart was racing by now.  

He had some very tight bikini type panties on, so tight that his cock was very obvious.  I knew what was coming next and sure enough, you told me to take them off. I did just that and I will say that this is the closest I have ever been to another cock and he did not make things any easier by thrusting towards me.  You then told me to kneel back down in the corner. This is when it all took off quickly. They both got on the bed in front of me and started kissing again. Wrapping their legs around each other and very obviously getting into it.  


I was stunned by what I saw but also so turned on

I would have had an erection for sure but the chastity device prevented that; it was your own sick little torture as if being your cuckold and seeing you fuck someone else wasn’t enough.  You then moved down and played with his cock. First, just using your hands but then you leaned closer and took him in your mouth which was a shock. You never let me do this but you were fine with someone else shoving his cock in your mouth…  Why??

The questions consumed me.  You sucked on him for what seemed like an hour but was probably only 15 minutes.  Then you pulled off of his cock and came over to me. You leaned down and gave me a big kiss, tongue and all.  I couldn’t help but taste something different which was clearly his cock. It was on your lips, tongue and your breath.  You knew that I sensed this and just pulled back and smiled at me. You were getting your way.

To be continued…



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