I think you only wanted your amateur cuckold closer to you so I would hear his cock sliding in and out of your dripping wet pussy

There was some play with Mark but only by your direction; it was not my idea.  I hate to admit it because it was very humiliating. I know I had already sucked his cock but this was worse.  While he was sliding in and out of you, you forced me to get behind him and suck on his balls. They were wet from your juices but I guess I made sure they were very wet.  

I even licked his asshole to please you.  Well, he enjoyed it as well but I definitely didn’t.  That is something we never took part in but you didn’t mind having him do it to you or you reciprocating.  Deep down this amateur cuckold is hoping some of this carries over to our bed but I’m not sure it will.

I thought I knew what was going to happen to this amateur cuckold but I was wrong…

After about an hour and obvious multiple orgasms by you, he was ready to blow.  I stayed back hoping you didn’t have plans for me but I was wrong. You motioned for me to come close to you and lay my head near yours on the bed.  This is the closest you and I have been all evening but it was for all the wrong reasons. Mark positioned himself above your face, his cock was rock hard and his balls were heavy with cum.  

He stroked himself for a few minutes then told me to replace his hand with mine and continue.  While I was jerking him off I realized where this was headed. To my horror, I was to be the amateur cuckold who caused another man’s cum to splash all over your face.  This was something that was absolutely taboo and off-limits for all of our years together.




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