Mommy and Me had spent our time preparing for our guests arrival. When the doorbell rang Mom left me alone upstairs in her room to answer it, she’d bought a beautiful see through black gown for the occasion, Mom loved to shop and had a talent for finding the best sales but the most amazing lingerie sets. She’d purchased me a beautiful silk white teddy with a matching thong, garters, and stockings. “A man can’t resist a lamb, sugar,” she told me happily making me smile.

Putting my hair in pretty curls I had on only a little gloss, Mom had said I looked beautiful and perfect. Laying across the bed I eagerly and nervously waited for mom and Zack to come upstairs, when they finally arrived he looked shocked “I thought you said Tinsley wasn’t home!?” He turned to my mother puzzled.

“I wanted to surprise you because….well me and my daughter are really close and we always have been. We’ve been in need of a little mother daughter secret and I feel your the perfect secret to keep….I saw the way you stared openly at my tits and when you glanced over at my little girl there was no mistaking the hunger you have for her”

“But!? H-How?….”

“Shhh no need to protest just enjoy us” Mama Purred at him pushing slowly towards the bed. Once he was close enough I shifted up pressing into him I nibbled at his ear listening to him take in a sharp breath. Mommy slid down, I could hear her unzipping his pants. I looked over his shoulder down to watch moms mouth wrap around his cock and take it in inch by inch, he moaned in pleasure while I watched feeling my pussy grow moist at watching mommy take a little more in everytime her head bobbed down.

Soon she had swallowed his whole cock, the cry of pleasure leaving his lips as her grabbing onto my moms face and started to move his hips back and forth quickly. I stuck my index finger in my mouth wetting it before sliding it down the back, Mommy had told me that if you slid a finger inside while giving head it would make a man bust, I did just that and learned that it indeed worked. He cried out as he shot his load into my moms mouth. Pulling away a little cum dribbled out of her mouth.

Slowly shifting to allow him to fall onto the bed I went over to my mom and kissed her savoring the taste while Zack panted heavily. “Mmm do you like the taste?” She asked me and I nodded “Yes Mommy” I told her before we looked over to Zack still panting.

“We aren’t done with you yet” Mom told him and I shivered in delight, the fun had just begun!




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