This Momma gets what she wants. And when I want a nice hard fat cock to slide up my pussy…trust me….I have my ways to get exactly what I want. I can be pushy, bossy, argumentative, opinionated, loud, and aggressive and a major bitch when I want to. And it seems like I often want to. I can’t help it.  Byt when I’m in that bossy state of mind I can be very sexually aggressive. I feel like a hunter scouting out my prey. I like it when a man let’s me take the reigns and control how we’re going to fuck the night away. It’s like a sexy dance….a tango….a little dirty dancing mixed in with a funky hip hop thrust between my thighs.

I like to do the sexual tango with a strong man. I like the feeling of power when I push him against the wall and slide my tongue down his throat. I like to hear him moan when I bite down on his lip. When a strong man surrenders to my sexual advances my pussy gets wet. It makes me want to fuck him even harder. Slammed up against a wall I can see how big and hard his dick is bulging through his tight jeans. I slowly slide the zipper down so as to not damage the precious jewels.  Ooh….I can smell the scent of his cock. I want to lick that dick so bad. I take my hand and rub and squeeze on his balls. Seeing how his cock throbs when I caress his balls turns me on. I pull his pants down to his ankles and slide my hands up and down his thighs. I yank his tidy whitey’s down quickly and watch that huge cock pop out and bounce up and down ready for me to suck it.  I keep my man pinned to the wall with my left hand as I stroke that long dong with my right hand.

Genie's big tits
Genie’s big tits

The look in his eyes tells me  he’s a willing prisoner. He knows I will have my way with him and he likes the thought of it. I drop to my knees and get that cock in my mouth. I prop up my tits and get that cock in between my huge melons. I spread my legs and get that cock  inside my tight, wet pussy. I turn around, bend over and get that long, hard cock all the up my ass. Oh yea baby…..Momma GETS what she wants.