My feet are spectacular. Smooth soles, manicured toes, and silky skin. Mistress Foot Worship allows me to control you with these sexy feet of mine. I know the feel, smell and texture of my feet make your heart race. I see you squirming with excitement. You crave these tootsies, and I know that.

When it comes to foot domination, I use all of the skills that I accumulate to keep you under my thumb. Mental, physical and even soul control. You are my little foot slave and I expect you to be “all in!” If you want to be my submissive I will only accept you if you can completely commit to worship that pleases me. My feet are so tender and precious, they require constant attention.

Mistress Foot Worship means pleasing my feet which in turn, pleases me!

As long as you can do that, we can be in this dom/sub relationship. If you are unable to be committed to my feet, you may not get to spend time with me and my gold lined pussy. Oh yes, you heard that right. My pussy is lined with gold baby. There is no other pussy even close to this sweet little cunt. As my sub, you have a chance to play with it.

chance, not the guarantee of course. If you do not please or obey my commands you may go for a very long time before you even get to touch this tight little mound of mine. Only the very best subs get that privilege. You see, my control is mental, as well as tease and denial. Sure, there may be some physical but it is all sensual dominance. I don’t like to be super physical in my style of domination.


Mistress Foot Worship


My goal is total sensual domination using my body, and other tools from my arsenal.

Don’t mistake me for weak or merciful. I am your Goddess and I am dominant, so you will be my submissive and do as you are told. When you do not, there are consequences. You like to cum, don’t you? That can become a rarity if you are not compliant. Denial is a very useful tool for me. Locking you down in a cage that does not allow orgasms will keep you under my thumb.

I never hesitate with requests. That means you must obey quickly or pay. If you get in trouble, I take great pleasure in punishment. There are so many ways to make your life a living hell. Makes my pussy tingle and drip thinking of torturing you mentally, then with some physical denial. Be honest you are a full-blown foot slave in desperate need of Mistress Foot Worship to give your life an ounce of meaning.

Humiliation will break you down too.

Goodness, I left out humiliation for a minute. I fucking love sensual humiliation! Using your sad story against you will make you mine that much faster. I am a master manipulator, delving into your childhood to adult stories, I pick out all the worst things to use. Did you pee yourself in class or P.E. during a dodge ball game? Or maybe you weren’t able to keep up with the cooler kids and they made fun of you?

That shit is gold for this Goddess. Furthermore, if your current marriage or relationship is crap, we will cover that territory too! I love to help you face your true worthlessness. Down deep, you know that it is true and have denied it all of your life. That ends now baby doll. I am here to guide you to reality and the truth fucking hurts.

That is the joy of what I do, sensual pain!

It will feel ugly for the long haul. As your Mistress Foot Worship, I will use all I have including my delicious feet to implant memories that open up all your worst fears and keep the thoughts flowing twenty-four hours a day. My goal is to open up all the old wounds and keep them seeping misery all the time.

Does it hurt, fuck yes! Will you survive, of course, but it won’t be easy. I am here to guide you though. We are in this dom/sub relationship together. So, I will only take you as far as you can handle. With my foot fetish phone sex, you are only obligated to do sessions to the point that you can deal with. However, be prepared to have your limits tested. After all, I am the type of girl who loves to cross the lines.

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