High Heel Worship is one of those subjects that have always turned a distinct type of man on. You don’t have to be particularly feminine in order to show appreciation for this foot apparel. However, you do need to understand the reasoning behind why you should show your sensual domination Goddess pleasure towards her expensive footwear. After all, there is always room for another type of fetishism in your own personal wank box. Why not add this special type to your next stroke session and admire the sensual perfection that I bring to it during FemDom Phone Sex.

What Is High Heel Worship?


High heel worship is the type of fetishism that breaks into several parts.


  • Femdom – Allowing yourself to let go every now and again to the control of a superior Mistress can feel so amazing. With everything that a man goes through in the day, sitting back and allowing someone else to control the conversation, and way you masturbate can feel good. Therefore, conceding your vulnerabilities to a woman will grant you a whole new sexual satisfaction. 
  • Objectophilia – Then, there is this side of fetishism. It is one thing to covet a human. Her taste, grace, and the way she feels whenever she squeezes around the throbbing boner begging for her affection. However, allowing yourself to feel the sensation of a shoe rub against yourself, allowing that object to bring you pleasure will appeal to your sexual desire on an entirely granular scale.
  • Sometimes CBT – Although, I personally find satisfaction from the sensual domination side of high heel worship. There is a side that allows men to receive the cock and ball torture to a level that they wish to maintain. The leather heel gouging their swollen testicles demanding their penance in the form of a massive cum load. Likewise, this particular painful sensation can be achieved through stepping, squishing, and kicking with the footwear as well.


How Can You Perform High Heel Worship?


Although it may seem obvious how one goes about worshiping beautiful high heels, there are actually several ways to accomplish this. If you enjoy Mistress Foot Worship, I am certain that you will also enjoy high heel worship as well.


One can simply start with his love of the shoe attached to his perfect Mistress’ beautiful legs. Sitting on the couch she will outstretch her beautiful leg to your lap. Then, take a moment to grab her heel in both hands and pull it to your face.


Surely, you will take the opportunity to bring that sublime heel to your face and take a big whiff. The smell of foot and leather will fill and arouse your sense. Drag your tongue along the length of the shiny shoe, tasting the experience fully and feeling every bit of it in your pecker.


However, do not underestimate the power of the heel without it being poised upon afoot. Take it off and enjoy the sensation your cock feels as it pushes against its interior. The heel will be stiff on the inside and warm with the faintest bit of moisture from its host foot. Not to mention certain sensations can be achieved from different heels.


For example, peep-toe pumps allow the worshipper to push the head of his throbbing member through. Likewise, stiletto heels allow for your cock shaft to be stroked between the triangular emptiness.  Surely you can imagine the various pleasure this will allow you to perform in the presence of your Mistress. Finally, climax on the very thing that brought you so much pleasure. An expensive pair of heels.



What Are My Favorite Heels?

Whenever it comes to high heel worship I have three types of shoes that I love to sport myself. These shoes allow me the freedom to bring the biggest sensations to my clients.


  1. High Heel Leather Boots: Sensory deprivation from the warmth of my smooth soft skin. Isolation to feel the sensation of the leather on your face and cock. What more could any man want in his life?
  2. Stiletto Heels: As aforementioned the thin spiked heel of this prominent shoe allows for my clients to experience stroking and CBT in a very sensual way. This is one of my favorite heels for beginners to high-heel worship.
  3. Peep Toes Wedges: Wedges are a different type of heel. Typically the triangular wedge portion contains a different type of texture from the rest of the heel. This type of erotic stimulation can feel so amazing. Likewise, the peep toe can be penetrated by the horniest of cocks. All sizes and shapes are welcome to be engulfed inside of this particular shoe.


Heels allow a woman to feel her power. A confident woman stimulating you in a new way is an experience that you will treasure forever. Although perhaps you are an experienced heel worshiper. Then, allow every bit of my sensual domination to take you on a new erotic adventure.

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