I have never had a menstruation fetish, but I have met guys who do.

A menstruation fetish can get messy so places like the shower or over a towel are perfect, depending on how heavy the flow is.  You might even be able to get away with red sheets if the flow is light. But then again if period sex is your fetish, the heavier the better right? I was screwing this guy who always wanted to fuck when I was on my period. In the beginning, I told him no, for his own good. I didn’t think that he could handle it. After he insisted quite a bit, I knew it was more than just horny coincidentally at the time of all of my periods. He was interested in it. Like, it turned him on. The idea of dipping his cock in a tight pussy full of menstrual blood.

Once I figured this out, I decided to let him experiment with this fetish on me. I laid down a red towel across the sheets and stripped off my clothes. He excitedly began undressing in front of me. I laid back, spread my legs and told him to have at it. He kissed down my belly and I felt something at the entrance to my pussy. His fingers! He really stuck his fingers in my pussy even though I was dripping red! He slid them in and out of me while sucking my clit. I knew that in between pumps, while he pulled his fingers out, he looked right at them! Just stared at his red-painted fingers! I’m not very shy, but this was a whole new level of comfort! How unexpected! He started to jerk his cock off with his red hand.

He lined his cock up with my pussy hole and pressed into me.

I felt it slide right in. Who knew that that time of the month was also the horniest! He started pumping inside of me and I felt the tingling sensation deep in my belly. It traveled all the way down to my hood and my clit and deep within my pussy. I felt it throbbing. Then, I rubbed my clit while grinding my hips into him. I wanted to feel him deep. He pumped faster and harder. I felt the sensation building. This deep deep need for more friction! I begged him to fuck me more!  He grabbed my hips and began yanking me down on him over and over. Then I was racked with electric-like tingles all over my lower half. I came on that cock much harder than I expected! He looked like he was nearing orgasm as well.

I began shoving back on his cock. I felt him grow rock hard and my pussy got really wet. Dripping wet. He totally came in me! As he pulled out I felt his eyes drop between my legs where a red cummy mess dripped right out. This was the start of many menstruation fetish interactions like this, mostly from him.

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