What happens when I see men in panties?

I was dating a guy who was as plain and vanilla as they come. One day we were getting ready to go out with some friends.  And not unlike him, he was running behind. In a hurry, he got dressed and we headed out.

All night he kept walking funny and pulling something down under his pants. Curious, I ask “What’s the problem? You keep pulling something out of your ass”. He said he accidentally put on my booty shorts, thinking they were his. They were the same color and they had a mock cock opening but were shorter and tighter.

I had to see them! I’d never seen men in panties before.

We went into my friend’s bedroom; he stood there looking kind of embarrassed. I got down on my knees full of excitement and unbuttoned his jeans. Slowly, I pulled the pants down. There he was, in these tight short shorts. Salivating, I started to rub my hand up and down the outline of his cock.

He looked so fucking hot in my panties, I needed to get his cock out and take a taste! He smiled at me and asked if I was turned on. His cock got so hard it was popping out the top of the band.

His cock needed to be in my mouth!

Who knew I would be so into seeing men in panties? I saw a single drop of pre-cum wet the front of the now-too-tight undies. Quickly, I licked at the spot and lowered the panties. His cock was visibly pulsing, and oozing more of his delicious man juice.  Leaning back against the bedroom door he watched while I suctioned my lips around him.

I took long strokes up and down his cock, and got him all slippery and wet. Within a few licks and sucks, he couldn’t take my teasing tongue.  Yanking me up, he pushed me over the back of a chair and drove his rock-hard cock deep into my hot pussy.

I could feel the panties around his knees brushing against me.

Our friends heard us fucking and started knocking on the door. My boyfriend leaned forward and covered my mouth to stifle all my moaning. Trust me, I was close to cumming just from how amped up I was.  He pushed harder and deeper into me while trying to reassure his friends that nothing untoward was going on.

My orgasm hit harder than I anticipated. A deep and sensuous moan escaped through the cracks of his fingers. His friends definitely knew we were fucking! My pussy squirted all over his cock and dripped down the back of my legs. Right after I took my orgasm, he filled my pussy with a thick load of cum.

You know, who the best men in panties are? The ones who rock them with confidence! If you’re a lover of all things panties, call and confess all the little secrets you’ve been keeping. I wanna know what panties you’re wearing right now!

If you’re a sissy boi, vanilla panty lover or just have a dirty confession about panties I dare you to call