A Medical Fetish Is A Bit Unusual

Some people have a medical fetish, I am one of them. It’s more often men that have this, but some women do as well. I never understood why some people hate going to the doctor. I’ve always loved it. Someone is paying very close attention to you and only focusing on you. I love that; it makes you feel special. I even will admit many times I’ve booked appointments with doctors when there was nothing wrong with me. It wasn’t even time for a checkup, I just wanted that close attention paid to me, so sometimes I make things up so the doctor will see me. Things are hard to diagnose or disprove you have.

I Have An Exhibitionist Streak

Recently I booked an appointment with a gynecologist. That is the most naughty appointment to book if there’s nothing wrong with you. You are literally displaying your goods to a stranger a couple of minutes after you meet. I guess I have a bit of the exhibitionist streak in me as well as the medical fetish. He was new to the practice, and I was soon naked on the table under a sheet with him asking personal questions of an intimate nature. I was in my element here, answering such personal questions, naked and exposed.

He Asked More Personal Sexual Questions than Any Other Doctor

Little did I know this doctor was not the average doctor, either. He had kind of a fetish himself. He was about to meet his match in me. I thought something was up when he asked even more personal sexual questions than any other doctor had. I was thinking maybe he got his jollies from probing women for such intimate details. He got me in the stirrups and lubed up his glove for a pelvic exam, which I always thoroughly enjoyed. Unlike most women who dread it with a passion. He was expecting I would also dread it, little did he realize. When his gloved finger “accidentally” touched my clit, I moaned. He of course apologized and made it seem like an accident, but I told him it was fine. This gave him the green light.

He Said He Was Checking My Sexual Response

He continued on with the exam and touched my clit once more. When he realized my response, he didn’t stop. He had two fingers inserted into me and began to rub my clit with his thumb in little tiny circles. I was soon moaning and panting there on his table. He said he needed to “check my sexual response,” which of course was total bullshit as we both knew, but he had to say something, so I played along. He opened my labia fully, exposing my clit, which was totally out of its hood now. My clit stood at attention and he worked the pad of his thumb over it until I was creaming all over the table in horniness.

He Asked Me An Interesting Question

He moved his fingers in and out of me, thrusting them, as he worked the clit.  And He then asked what the largest penis I’d had inside of me and I said around eight inches. He asked if I thought I could handle eleven I said I doubted it, then he asked if I’d like to try. I said I’d be open to trying. I heard him unzip his pants and my vagina was soon being opened by his enormous, erect penis.  And I didn’t think I’d be able to accommodate his size, but he told me to relax and I did so. All under the cold glare of the fluorescent ceiling lights.

This Is When It Got Wild

He kept on with the professional demeanor as he fucked me, stretching me open with his enormous shaft. I could feel an orgasm welling up in me and I bit my lip as I came to keep from alerting anyone outside the office.  And I came and gushed on his cock, my orgasm triggering his. I felt a rush of his hot sperm inside of me, squirt after squirt flooding my womb. He withdrew and said my “sexual response” seemed to be in fine working order. Just as if this was a normal part of every appointment he’d be having that day. Having a medical fetish can be just what the doctor ordered in a case like this. I can’t wait until my next checkup. Then again, maybe I’ll just make an appointment and “make something up.”

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