He Had A Medical Fetish

My boyfriend has always had kind of medical fetish. He was kind of sickly kid that spent a lot of time in hospitals and with nurses. He grew out of his issues. That time spent in a medical setting at such a young age left a real impression on him. He said one thing he loved was the personalized one on one attend he’d get from them. The pretty nurses, all so concerned about him, and an occasional lady doctor. As he grew up, he said he recalled getting his first hard-on from a nurse examining him.

He Actually Looked Forward To Getting A Medical Exam

Things like that happen with nurses all the time, so they ignore it. It can have a long-lasting effect on the patient. He said when he got a bit older; he had to go to a urologist, and it was a lady.  And He got his first prostate exam and he said he came as she was doing it. She assured him this was normal; it happened to patients frequently. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. He said he looked forward to going to the doctor. At times he would even make up symptoms just to get them to perform such an exam on him. He came every single time.

I Was Willing To Help Him With His Fantasy

As soon as he’d go in and the nurse would begin to take his vitals, he’d become aroused. A medical fetish can take many forms, but this one is a common one. I’ve heard it from several men over the years. Many begin to get into prostate massage toys or dildos from just this sort of experience.

His Orgasm Was Fantastic

They are trying to recreate that fantastic orgasm by using such toys. Sometimes it works, other times not. My guy asked me if I was ok doing this for him and I said sure. I’d be happy to help him experience a fantastic orgasm.  I would love to play sex games with him. I lubed up and went in and he moaned and groan like I’d never heard him before. I’d read about milking the prostate after he’d asked me and felt it didn’t look too difficult. So I said I’d be willing to try it out. I guess he approved of my efforts. He came an incredible amount, and I hadn’t laid a finger of his penis.

There Was Just Something About  being examined

I bought him a prostate massager toy for his birthday and it vibrated and I helped put it in him. He sat on the edge of the bed and rocked back and forth, and he started that groaning noise again. I had a feeling he was going to pop. It didn’t take him long until he did. I knew he was getting excited since he had an upcoming doctor’s appointment. He said he’d be sure to let me know how it went.  Stripped him down on the table, just a paper gown over him. The nurse came in and asked some questions and took his vitals. Then the doctor came in and out came the rubber gloves and lube. He was dripping pre-cum before she even slithered in her finger to check on his prostate.

He actually Came on the table!

So He said he was biting his lip to try not to breathe too loudly. And He didn’t want to alert her to the exquisite pleasure she was giving him. He came under his paper gown and said he hope he wiped up the cum before she noticed. I told him she’d be used to such things happening and not to worry about it. He’s always felt having a medical fetish was a bit odd compared to other ones, but people have their kinks.

He told me all about his appointment in graphic detail and I asked if he’d like to roleplay what happened. So once again, I got out the lube and was playing doctor. Curling my fingers and working them around his prostate, his breathing becoming ragged. It was not long before he was squirting ropes of semen out of that hard penis. Playing doctor with him is fun. He always likes to return the favor. His exams mean a lot of pleasure for me, too. Maybe I should get up some costumes to really bring the experience to life. Playing doctor never felt so good.

I will play with any fetish you have! My specialty is medical fetish phone sex

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